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Ginisang Patola

Ginisang patola or Sautéed sponge gourd. This simple dish always reminds me of a simpler rural lifestyle when we were kids in a town far north in Luzon.  Growing up, our Mami or our Lola would cook simple dishes like this. Patola are sold cheap in our town and that makes it affordable to families like us.  Bits of meat, …

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Ginisang Bunga ng Malunggay at Sigarilyas

I haven’t been posting my vegetable recipes much.  Don’t get me wrong, I cook veggies: stir fried,  blanched veggies, grilled veggies,blanched veggies, grilled veggies, but most of the time I cook them the Ilocano way, like pinakbet, dinengdeng, inabraw,  etc.  Lately, I decided to take  photos of my vegetable dishes and show you how an …

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Ginisang Sardinas at Upo

Three years back, when we were still living in Singapore, I posted a similar recipe entitled Sauteed Sardines with Bottle Gourd.  It is very similar that you can accuse me of copying and pasting my own post (evil grin).  That’s what actually what I did, I copied the recipe and posted it here, to save me …

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Pechay Salad

If anyone notices, I usually post fish, seafood, and meat dishes in this blog and in our facebook page ( ).  That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t eat veggies.  My husband and I love to eat vegetables specially the leafy ones.  I make sure that I serve veggies on the side every meal time.  So, …

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Fat Burner and Diuretic Green Smoothie

My husband declared that we should be on a special diet to lose weight and be healthier.  He demanded that we reduce our salt intake (he said he’s ok with bland dishes), no to fatty and oily food so we need to take out all the chicken skin, pork fat, and other meat fats (including …

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