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Steamed Hamour Fish with Scallion and Lemongrass

I’m back!  How long has it been again since my last post? It’s been almost a year! Goodness! Thank you for sticking with me despite my absence.  The reason for my absence? Loooong story. I will share it with you soon.  Once I get a break from mommy duties to my twins (… angelic smile) …

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Chicken Siopao Asado

Filipinos and some Chinese (those who speak Hokkien) call these Siopao. Baozi is the general term by some Chinese.They are also called Sa la pao by the Thai restaurant here in Doha, Qatar that we frequent.  Bao, pao, pow, however they are called in the Asian and Oriental cuisines, they refer to steamed buns that …

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Easy Chinese Style Steamed Chicken

Remember the Easy Roasted Chicken I posted a few days back? If you haven’t seen that visit my post here.  The recipe was so simple and easy to make, there was nothing fancy and no special trick necessary. The same is true with this recipe. All it requires is a pot where you can submerge …

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Leche Flan

My siblings are my best friends for life. We may oftentimes have disagreements and quarrel over them, but we will always be there for each other no matter what.Since my siblings #2 & #3 have their own families and kids, they’ve been trying out kid-friendly recipes just to satisfy their little rascals’ big appetites. Most …

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Siopao : Chicken Asado

Siopao is the Filipino version of the Chinese’s steamed bun called char siu bao or baozi or whatever they are called.  Like other Asian steamed buns, siopao is filled with savory, sometimes sweet, meat fillings.   Siopao is a delicious and filling grab-and-go meal.  I used to favor siopao pork asado when I still can eat …

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