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Bihon Guisado

Some weeks back, while minding our own businesses, me reading and the husband is busy in front of his laptop, we had an instantaneous cravings for pancit.  I wanted Bihon Guisado the way my Mama cooks it and the same taste as how our neighbor cooks it.  The husband on the other hand wanted her Mom’s pancit bihon. …

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Orange Sotanghon Guisado

There’s is this Filipino restaurant located near Hammad Hospital called Little Manila.  Friends of ours have been recommending them to us many times already.  We actually just shrugging off the idea of eating there for several reasons:  1.We can cook Filipino dishes.  Well, not all of course but… go to number 2 reason.  2.Filipino food …

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Chicken Tinola Noodle Soup

For the previous more than 4 weeks now,  I’ve been cooking soup dishes most of the time because of my off-again-on-again relationship with my gut.  And having hot soups for lunch and supper is a tummy-relief for me.  The Husband always enjoys our soupy dinner a lot and I am not sure who is happier …

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Stir-Fried Beef Sotanghon

This is what I do whenever I have insatiable cravings for stir-fried noodles.  Nothing fancy actually, I use whatever I can forage from our refrigerator, cupboard, and other places where we store food.  Cut them into bits and pieces, soak and drain the noodles, saute here, fry there, pour some condiments, sprinkle some seasoning, toss …

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Sotanghon & Patola Soup with Shrimp & Chicken

My husband is fond of mixing canned sardines (tomato based) and noodles particularly misua and sotanghon.  One time, he requested that I cook canned sardines with patola and sotanghon because he just felt like eating one. I was about to open the Ligo canned sardines when I heard the shrimps and minced chicken crying out …

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Sotanghon Guisado

Sotanghon refers to the mungbean vermicelli or bean thread noodles.  It is absolutely not similar to the rice vermicelli (like bihon) as sotanghon is transparent which explains its moniker “cellophane” noodle. Sotanghon is made from the starches of either mung beans, yams potato, or cassava.  I prefer this over rice vermicelli as it is firmer …

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