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Insarabasab is another authentic Ilocanodish.  It is also a process of cooking that involves cooking the meat over livewood-fire or over charcoal.  The word insarabasabliterally means to place something over open fire. This Insarabasabdish however, is different from your grilledliempo or barbecued meat in so many ways. The part that is mostly used in insarabasabis the …

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Pork Tocino

As promised, we are featuring Filipino preserved foods this week. Here is a famous Filipino preserved pork called Pork Tocino that is not only served for breakfast but for all meal time through out the day.Pork Tocino is a Filipino cured pork meat that find its roots way back to  the Spanish colonization in the …

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Chicken & Pork Lomi

I cooked this many months back last year, when I was still pregnant (through IVF) not because I was craving for Lomi but because I  just needed a change of menu since I got tired of eating the same nilaga, sinigang, and tinola soup dishes over and over and over again. It’s not that I wanted …

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Lechong Kawali

The man with a unique name: AM for America Brit for BRITain CHI for CHIna RUS for RUSia  Who in the world will have the same name as yours Papa AMBRITCHIRUS? The man with the golden voice, our very own Mat Monroe and Frank Sinatra molded in one. Nobody will ever sing The Lord’s Prayer …

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Hokkien Prawn Noodle

A prosperous new year to one and all.  May this coming 2014 bring us more joy and blessings, and may our unfinished businesses from the past year(s)  be accomplished.  A few more hours to go and its 2014.  We are excited as everyone else as we are positively looking forward a brighter future.   Today is …

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