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Low Cholesterol Spaghetti Chicken Meatballs

My husband was feeling gloomy yesterday so I made him a spaghetti meatball for snack to cheer him up.  First and foremost, my husband and I are on a special diet to lose weight.  That is a fact.  It’s been almost 2 weeks since we started with our low salt, low fat, low cholesterol, and …

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Penne and Spinach in Creamy-Garlicky Chicken Sauce

IT’s already November!  I realized it just now when I saw the “published on” corner of my blog.  It’s just a matter of 2 days and we’ll be battling Manila’s annoying heavy-traffic and deadly air-pollution again not to mention that my paranoia is starting to kick-in as a result of reading and watching about the …

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Baked Macaroni

As I am drafting this post, I am thinking of the pad thai noodle and the braised duck I’m heating in the microwave oven.  Those are what we’re having for lunch today (big smile)  Well, we dined at a Thai restaurant yesterday and we had those as left-over food hehehe.  Oh well, I should have …

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Turkey Bacon & Squid Pasta

It’s been 4 months since my last post.  That’s a long time to hibernate. Oh well, that’s life.  So after an operation, several hospitalizations, and numerous doctor visitations, I’m back, alive, kicking, and blogging again. Despite the fact that I lost the credibility of my palate for sometime may be because of the medicines I …

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Creamy Tuyo & Eggplant Pasta

  with parmesan cheese When our generous neighbor gave us a plate full of pasta with cream, diced chicken, pork bacon, and bits of shrimps in it then topped it with grated cheddar cheese, I vowed to cook pasta with creamy white sauce too.  My husband  doesn’t like the idea of pasta with white sauce …

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Turkey Bacon Macaroni and Cheeses

I am having a problem satisfying my cravings first of all because I don’t know what I am craving for.  My taste buds like something savory.  A mixed of flavors perhaps and a bit salty.  So I thought of making macaroni with tukey bacon and a mixture of cheeses.  And so I did.  I cooked …

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