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Mango Pudding

I  just finished the last slice of my Chocolate Cake and we also ran out of leche flan so I decided to make mango pudding for dessert tonight.  Here is my mango pudding that my husband like.  It is creamy and has the distinct taste of mangoes.  That’s the good thing when you make use …

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Home-made Mango Ice Cream (no ice cream maker used)

  Somebody told me, or may be myself telling myself, that when I get burned out or if something is bothering me or if I am stressed out, I have to pause and take a long deep breath (inhale….. exhale…..)  That’s what I did, I paused for a break, and instead of just inhaling and …

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Creamy Mango Dessert

During my first flight to Qatar with Qatar airways, me and the rest of the passengers were served with 2 meals plus desserts and of course drinks with extra wine.  AND I fell in love with their mango pudding.  It was rich and creamy and the flavor of the mango is just right, not overwhelming …

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Ensaladang Mangga at Talong (Green Manggo and Eggplant Salad)

Look at that, another aunthentic Filipino salad using mango.  Remember mango salad that we had posted sometime this month –Enseladang Mangga (Mango Salad).  The mangoes we used here, now ripe, were what remains of those green mangoes we bought like two weeks ago.  We used bagoong alamang as the seasoning and added grilled eggplant.       ENSALADANG …

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Enseladang Mangga (Mango Salad)

Ensaladang mangga This is an easy, no fuss, and very yummy authentic Filipino salad.  I like to eat this along with grilled pork liempo or lechon kawali or crispy pata or pork barbecue or  charcoal grilled fish (tilapia or milk fish is great!) oh goodness I’m hungry 🙂 We had this for lunch along with …

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