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Harumaki – Nori, Chicken & Veggies

Today is Labor day in the Philippines.  Singapore also celebrates its labor day on May 1.  Here in Qatar, have not the slightest idea.  I’m a homemaker remember? hehehehe  Enjoy your holiday kabayans.I read somewhere that when a person lacks sleep he/she craves for fatty/oily food.  I am at that stage I think.  I’ve been …

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Chicken & Shitake Harumaki

baked Chicken & Shitake Harumaki   Here’s a Japanese appetizer that Filipinos, Chinese, and other Asians could relate to – Harumaki.Harumaki is the Japanese version of the popular Chinese spring rolls or egg rolls.  The dish was brought to Japan by Chinese immigrants, was popularized in Chinese restaurants and eateries, then later on, the dish …

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Japanese Inspired Breakfast : Chicken-Veggie Saute & Egg Over Rice

My husband’s breakfast most of the time consists of either pork bacon (turkey bacon is mine), longganisa, or hotdogs,  and rice with the occasional sunny-side up egg.  Those are the easiest to prepare specially when he needs to get off to work very early in the morning (around 5am).  Me? Fried egg kick’s off my …

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YAKITORI according to Japanguide.com means  grilled chicken speared onsticks. All different parts of the chicken, thighs, skin, liver, etc.can be used for yakitori.  “Yaki” means grilled and “tori” means chicken.   In short, yakitori is the Japanese version of chicken barbecue.  But what I am about to present to you is a non-skewered oven-grilled chicken version …

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Chicken Teriyaki

Happy Monday morning everyone.  For this week, we will be featuring my husband and I’s favorite cuisine – JAPANESE!!!  What’s the first dish that comes to mind when one mentions Japanese cuisine, well, that’s aside from sushi and sashimi which is the Husband’s very very favorite?  Teriyaki! Correct.  I just learned what Teriyaki is – …

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Stir Fried Beef – Japanese Inspired

© Fresha-licious : Stir Fried Beef – Japanese Inspired After posting 2 Japanese inspired recipe, I thought of posting another one.  A Japanese inspired almost-beef-gyudon-like beef dish.  This is an invention of Marco (Sarmiento).  Like the beef gyudon, this also tastes sweet but a bit saltier than a beef gyudon. By the way, the Sarmiento family …

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