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Low Sugar Nutty Dark Chocolate Clusters

I am not sure if I said this in one of my posts but I am saying it anyway, when making chocolate desserts, MAKE USE OF COUVERTURE CHOCOLATES ONLY! Never use those so called bitter sweet or compound chocolates even if they have the same brand name as the couverture chocolates, and expect to produce …

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Adobong Pusit (Squid in Tangy Black Sauce)

Frederick cooked adobong pusit for supper last night.  He’s feeling better already so he can eat non-soupy dish.Since it’s my husband’s recipe, I can only place the list of ingredients without the measurement since he cooks on a tantya-tantya basis (measurement by estimation only)  According to him, his usage of the condiments and spices is based on the taste of …

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Anti-constipation Smoothie

One of the best juices I’ve ever tried is prune juice. Not because of the taste, it’s too sweet and I don’t like sweet drinks unless it’s cola or chocolate. I like prune juice because it makes me poop. It’s my laxative. When my system has gone resistant to my other poop- inducing food, i turn …

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My Anti-Constipation Smoothie

I’ve been constipated all my life 🙂 seriously. Almost all of my special diet and all the food I take revolves around combating constipation.  It’s not easy to be constipated.  Aside from causing me physical stress, straining my gut and ripping my butt hole until it bleeds, it also made me psychologically imbalance also :D  it made me grumpy.  Everytime I …

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Sautéed Cabbage

I’m on a diet and I need a break from my usual steamed vegetables so I decided to have a sautéed vegetable.  The only veggie left is cabbage. Our body needs fat too, you know. As long as we keep the saturated fat and the cholesterol level at a minimum, we’d be ok 🙂  Besides, oil enhances the …

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Salmon Sashimi Marinated in Lime

Frederick loves salmon sashimi and Kilawin.  And since salmon is easy to find, abundant and cheap in Singapore as compared in Manila, and since he was bitin (not satisfied) with the salmon sushi that we had from Sakae sushi, he decided to prepare salmon sashimi, only that he gave it a twist. Kilawin refers to the Filipino …

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