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Steamed Hamour Fish with Scallion and Lemongrass

I’m back!  How long has it been again since my last post? It’s been almost a year! Goodness! Thank you for sticking with me despite my absence.  The reason for my absence? Loooong story. I will share it with you soon.  Once I get a break from mommy duties to my twins (… angelic smile) …

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Easy Chinese Style Steamed Chicken

Remember the Easy Roasted Chicken I posted a few days back? If you haven’t seen that visit my post here.  The recipe was so simple and easy to make, there was nothing fancy and no special trick necessary. The same is true with this recipe. All it requires is a pot where you can submerge …

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Bangus Siomai (Milkfish Siomai)

My husband usually makes rellenong bangus (stuffed milkfish) you can see his Baked rellenong bangus by clicking this link.  It’s only then that I can make dim sum (siomai or lumpia) out of bangus (milkfish).I find it difficult, laborious, and annoying to remove small fish bones from milkfish that is the reason why I don’t …

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Baked Whole Tilapia with Mozzarella Cheese

Hi people.  I’m back.  I’ve been through a rough week but I’m here, alive, healthier, and kicking harder :-).  I was rushed to the hospital (Al-Ahli Hospital) 5 or 6 days ago due to diarrhea but was diagnosed not only with bacterial infection in my intestines but also of severe anemia with my hemoglobin level …

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Grilled Hickory Smoked Salmon

Frederick is back in Manila today for some important matters.  His flight was at 10 this morning.  I’ll be following him in manila after a week in time for his birthday. Anyway, most of the dishes I will be posting will be his. Frederick had done most of the main entrĂ©e cooking for the past …

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