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Fat Burner and Diuretic Green Smoothie

My husband declared that we should be on a special diet to lose weight and be healthier.  He demanded that we reduce our salt intake (he said he’s ok with bland dishes), no to fatty and oily food so we need to take out all the chicken skin, pork fat, and other meat fats (including …

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Mango Pudding

I  just finished the last slice of my Chocolate Cake and we also ran out of leche flan so I decided to make mango pudding for dessert tonight.  Here is my mango pudding that my husband like.  It is creamy and has the distinct taste of mangoes.  That’s the good thing when you make use …

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Spiced Apple-Yogurt Smoothie

Having stomach problem due to over-eating? Constipated? Here’s is something you can try. Drink up for a tummy-friendly and a healthy breakfast.  SPICED APPLE-YOGURT SMOOTHIEIngredients : Apple – 1 mediumBanana – 2 medium A dash of cinnamon ginger – 3 slicesLiquid / drinkable Yogurt – 200 mlPreparation :Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend them …

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Home-made Mango Ice Cream (no ice cream maker used)

  Somebody told me, or may be myself telling myself, that when I get burned out or if something is bothering me or if I am stressed out, I have to pause and take a long deep breath (inhale….. exhale…..)  That’s what I did, I paused for a break, and instead of just inhaling and …

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