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Chicken Rice Adobo

This week, we will be featuring the delicious Filipino Adobo.   Adobo is the quintessential Filipino comfort food.  As I have already mentioned in one of my posts on adobo – “where there is Filipino in any part of the world, there surely is adobo“.  Adobo is a tangy-salty, or salty-tangy-sweet, or salty-sweet dish depending on the …

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Fried Rice with Mixed Veggies

Is it difficult to feed your child or husband with carrots and green peas?  YES.  My husband Frederick never touches the mixed vegetables (usually consist of diced carrots, green peas, green beans, etc.) that I serve specially if there are other food (meat or fish) infront of him .  So to “force feed” him with it, I tried to …

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Satay Fried Rice

Add caption Here’s a fried rice recipe that Marco (Airene’s husband) taught me.  Actually, nangelam sya sa pagluluto ko (he meddled with my cooking) hehehehe.  It was great indeed.SATAY FRIED RICE( Rice (whatever is available)Cooking Oil – 2 tbspGarlic, crushed and chopped – 8 clovesDilis (dried anchovies), chopped – 10 gramsSatay Powder – 3 tspSalt – to tasteCooking procedure:1) Sauté …

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Fried Garlic-Egg Rice

Here’s the fried garlic-egg rice we had for lunch today.  This isdeliciously deadly and heavy in the stomach. Ingredients: cooked Rice  –  4 cups sunflower oil – 4 tbsp Garlic, crushed and chopped – 7 cloves salt to taste Eggs – 2 medium size, beaten Cooking Procedure: 1)  Saute garlic in oil.  Wait until the garlic changed its …

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Sinangag (Garlic Fried Rice)

I’ve been mentioning that the best combination of some of my dishes is with a sinangag  specially those for breakfast but I haven’t posted my sinangag recipe. So I decided to post it now after having it with my potato omelet. Sinangag is the term use by Filipinos to refer to fried rice with garlic.  It is the simplest recipe …

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