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Hibok Hibok and Monggo Paste

photo credit :  Mensie Mendoza Bernardino Hibok hibok.  No,we are not talking about the volcano found on the Island of Camuigin. We are referring to the sweet rice delicacy that is almost similar to the mochi of the Japanese.  Hibok hibok is a Filipino dessert or kakanin . These chewy, sticky, and gooey balls of sweetness are made out …

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Caramel Sauce

Good as fillings for pies and or topping for sweet desserts IngredientsButter – 50 g.All Purpose flour – 20 g.Brown Sugar – 40 g.White Sugar – 50 g.Water, warm – 40 g. Cooking Procedure: 1. On a very low fire, melt the butter and then add the flour.  Mix them thoroughly.2.  Mix the sugars together …

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