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One of those soft breads that have become not only a Filipino traditional breakfast bread but an all-time favorite bread is pandesal.  Pandesal  literally means bread with salt but since most Filipinos are “genetically” sweet tooth (I am not though but I am a proud Filipino… evil grin) it evolved into a sweet bread.  Some …

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Photo credit to Ms. Marisol Nadonga Villanueva Yesterday, I posted my own (personally developed) recipe on royal bibingka if you missed it, you can check it our her – royal bibingka.  Since, “All Souls’ day and All Saints’ day are fast approaching, and it is part of Filipino tradition to serve traditional rice cakes (kakanin) …

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Royal Bibingka

Before I start with this new post, we would like to extend our sympathies and prayers to all our Kababayans affected by the previous tyhphoon Lando (internationally known as Koppu), specially those living in towns / cities declared as calamity areas. We also hope that nobody was affected by the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that happened …

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10 Filipino Native Delicacies for All Saints Day

I apologize if there was no post for last week.  I wasn’t able to update our blog because I was in pain.  I find it difficult and painful to sit in front of my laptop even for just a few minutes and to move about the house because of my back pain.  I have issues on my …

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Buko Pie

Photo Credit :  Marissa Lapada Mico  Buko pie reminds me of the long travel from Manila to our hometown.  I’m talking of 10 to 12, sometimes 15 hours of land travel by bus  or long driving if you make use of your own car. Imagine yourself sitting on a most-of-the-time-defective uncomfortable chair with no seat-belt …

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Hibok Hibok and Monggo Paste

photo credit :  Mensie Mendoza Bernardino Hibok hibok.  No,we are not talking about the volcano found on the Island of Camuigin. We are referring to the sweet rice delicacy that is almost similar to the mochi of the Japanese.  Hibok hibok is a Filipino dessert or kakanin . These chewy, sticky, and gooey balls of sweetness are made out …

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