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Saba Mackerel Teriyaki

I cooked saba mackerel Teriyaki last night for supper. T’was juicilicious 🙂 Saba Mackerel, or just saba, is considered a poor man’s fish in Japan. Well, mackerel in general is a poor man’s fish, like galungong in the Philippines  because they are sold cheap (though galunggong now is more expensive compared to tilapia and milkfish …

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My Mayo – Garlic Dip

I usually make this dip everytime I cook fried pork specially lechon kawali and crispy pata.  This is also good for fried fish and fried chicken. This dip gives additional flavor for my fried dishes specially that I don’t rub them with salt before frying. Ingredients: Mayonnaise  – 5 tabsp White Vinegar – 3 tbsp Garlic – 10 cloves …

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Thousand Island Dressing: Easy & Simple

Before Christmas I came up with a simple recipe for tartar sauce (Home-made Tartar Sauce) which we used for our fried tilapia.  I thought of making one for my veggie salad because I don’t want to use vinaigrette again.  I need something different so I googled any dressings for veggie salad and Thousand island dressing is one …

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KFC Recipes

Here’s the another installment for the KFC recipes courtesy of http://www.kfcchickenrecipe.com. We have the KFC Popcorn chicken recipe, gravy and KFC’s secret recipe for the coating 1) KFC Popcorn Chicken Recipe This recipe is also one of the closely guarded secret of KFC and a perfect recipe to make for children. It’s quite fun to prepare this item …

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