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Chocolate Chip Cookies using Shortening

It is fascinating that just by changing one ingredient in a certain baking recipe, you will get a different outcome.  Last month I made a soft chocolate chip cookies (see the recipe here )  I used butter and the outcome was nice and soft.  Using the same recipe, I made this chocolate chip cookies but …

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Crunchy and Chewy Double Chocolate Chips Cookies

I made mamon a few days before I baked thisdelicious chocolate cookies but there was a minor problem with the mamon, I over did it that theyalmost got toasted (evil laugh / nyahahahaha)  They may lookun-presentably toasted but they tasted delicious. In my disappointment, I decided to make cookies instead of tryingto bake another mamon .I will try the mamon tomorrow, or …

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Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Have you ever heard of twice baked cookies? If you frequent starbucks or any coffee shops, for sure they are serving these twice-baked or double-baked cookies at a high price.  Biscotti, that’s how you call a twice or double baked cookie or biscuit. According to wikipedia ,  Biscotti or biscotto (singular), more correctly known as biscotti …

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