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Thick Hot Cocoa Drink and Cutting back on Paper Towel Usage

One day, many weeks back, over breakfast of a store-bought apple-pie and my thick hot cocoa drink, I decided to minimize our usage of tissues and paper towels.  Before,  we use paper towels to wipe anything and almost everything around the house.  We carry packets of tissues and wet-wipes around, inside the car, and in …

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Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Drink for Kids

My back and specially my fanny is in excruciating pain.  Blame it to the long and arduous journey from Manila to our town that took more than 12 hours of bus ride. Darn!  The driver of the bus declared that we’re lucky because according to him the travel time can be worse – up to …

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Creamy Cocoa-Tea Drink

We had pandesal, ham, and egg for breakfast last Saturday which I paired it with a hot cocoa drink.  Here’s the recipe for our creamy cocoa-tea drink J For the pandesal recipe, click this. Ingredients: Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (Hershey’s) – 1 tbsp Tea Water, hot or cold – 200 ml (see Tea Water for the recipe) Non-dairy …

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Hot Cocoa-Milk Drink

Having hot cocoa milk for breakfast is a good way to start the day.  But not when you drown yourself in too much sugar   Hot cocoa milk + a slice of apple-cinnamon pie + turon + 2 takoyaki balls dipped in mayonnaise was really a bad idea.  Earlier today, I had sugar overload.  The superlative for overload would best describe my experience. It felt …

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How to Make Native Cocoa Balls

Native Cocoa Balls When we go for vacation in Tabuk, we don’t just look forward to bonding and getting together with our families but also, we look forward to lots of hot native chocolate drink treat  My in-laws have been making home-made chocolate balls that are similar to the famous Pinoy chocolate tablea, which are the main ingredients …

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Native Hot Chocolate Drink

“home-made native cocoa drink” We brought back native cacao “chocolate” balls  that was made by my husband the Husband and his parents when we went for vacation in Tabuk (Kalinga,Philippines) early this month. (cacao “chocolate” balls -redundant as may sound since chocolate is made from cacao but I insist on using the term as I want to emphasize that I’m …

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