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Sautéed Tomatoes & Onions

Our breakfast at home:  Fried smoked fish served with sauteed tomatoes & onions I shared before that in our family, eggs, may it be salted, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, scrambled, cooked as sunny-side-up or omelet,  are always breakfast food.  Well, actually, that’s how our Mama raised us.   If she is not serving eggs with fried meats …

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Japanese Inspired Breakfast : Chicken-Veggie Saute & Egg Over Rice

My husband’s breakfast most of the time consists of either pork bacon (turkey bacon is mine), longganisa, or hotdogs,  and rice with the occasional sunny-side up egg.  Those are the easiest to prepare specially when he needs to get off to work very early in the morning (around 5am).  Me? Fried egg kick’s off my …

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Fluffy Pancake

with honey When we went to Qatar supermarket last week to buy a few things, I found my husband picking up a box of pancake mix from one of the shelves.  My brows arched but I did not get mad at him.  It’s just one of his ways of saying “I want you to make …

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Toasted Herb Bread

A a Filipino, we are used to heavy breakfast consisting of fried fishes or meat and everything with eggs specially if you grew up with a mother like mine who’s concept of breakfast needs to be a complete, heavy, and that has to have eggs as part of the meal.Things changed when I went to …

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