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Corn Muffins Using Whole Corn Kernels

The Husband has been requesting me to make corn muffins.  I was thinking of making corn muffins similar to that of the Philippine Kenny Roger’s corn muffins way back 2006.  My friends told me that the current corn muffins at Kenny Roger’s do not taste good anymore so I’m basing my taste preference the last …

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One of those soft breads that have become not only a Filipino traditional breakfast bread but an all-time favorite bread is pandesal.  Pandesal  literally means bread with salt but since most Filipinos are “genetically” sweet tooth (I am not though but I am a proud Filipino… evil grin) it evolved into a sweet bread.  Some …

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plain scone Saying good bye to friends is very difficult and heart-breaking specially when you’re close to them.  But, in this world, nothing is permanent, the only permanent thing is change. And the only thing to do in order to survive is adopt to the change.  We’ll see them again in some other place, in …

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Hand-Kneaded Filipino Spanish Bread

Making the Spanish Bread has always been in my very long “to-do” list for a very long time.  It was only just recently that I had the chance to bake one because of several reasons: I don’t have a dough mixer and I find it difficult to hand-knead bread dough.  I have been baking Spanish …

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