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When life throws you lemons make lemonades.  Seriously… (evil grin)Life cannot be too sweet all the time or you’ll end up with a type 2 diabetes. We need something spicy, salty, bitter, and sour to give it balance. Challenges we face no matter how petty they seem to be, for others that is while you …

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Thick Hot Cocoa Drink and Cutting back on Paper Towel Usage

One day, many weeks back, over breakfast of a store-bought apple-pie and my thick hot cocoa drink, I decided to minimize our usage of tissues and paper towels.  Before,  we use paper towels to wipe anything and almost everything around the house.  We carry packets of tissues and wet-wipes around, inside the car, and in …

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Summer Citrus Juice

I’ve been seeing people posting about lemon water on their social media and blogs, then I read something about grapefruit water.  Both claim to be  healthy drinks that helps in detoxing.  These are just a few of those fad diets that are floating on the world wide web.I have nothing about lemons and grapefruits. In …

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Fat Burner and Diuretic Green Smoothie

My husband declared that we should be on a special diet to lose weight and be healthier.  He demanded that we reduce our salt intake (he said he’s ok with bland dishes), no to fatty and oily food so we need to take out all the chicken skin, pork fat, and other meat fats (including …

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Rum Margarita

Today is the celebration of the lunar new year.  It is the year of the horse and I wish everyone a wonderful year ahead.  Kung hei fat choy!  xin nian kuai le!  Gong xi fa chai!  Let’s drink to that!Margarita is considered as a Mexican cocktail that is traditionally made with tequila mix,  Cointreau or any orange …

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