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Insarabasab is another authentic Ilocanodish.  It is also a process of cooking that involves cooking the meat over livewood-fire or over charcoal.  The word insarabasabliterally means to place something over open fire. This Insarabasabdish however, is different from your grilledliempo or barbecued meat in so many ways. The part that is mostly used in insarabasabis the …

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Dinakdakan: Ox Tongue

I miss dinakdakan a lot.  Dinakdakan, is an authentic Ilocano appetizer and a famous pulutan (beer/alcohol drink companion) that is made of boiled or grilled meat and is mixed with animal brain or / and mayonnaise. And since I cannot eat pork and lately, I found out that I can down a few bites of beef …

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Chicken & Shrimp Shiomai

Look at my siomai.  It is S-I-O-M-A-O (pronounce it with a big voice with matching big eyes)  they’re large! and ugly looking heheheheThe Husband like this siomai in fact he brought some to their office to share with his colleagues.  BUT and a very big B-U-T I was not satisfied with the taste of my …

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Harumaki – Nori, Chicken & Veggies

Today is Labor day in the Philippines.  Singapore also celebrates its labor day on May 1.  Here in Qatar, have not the slightest idea.  I’m a homemaker remember? hehehehe  Enjoy your holiday kabayans.I read somewhere that when a person lacks sleep he/she craves for fatty/oily food.  I am at that stage I think.  I’ve been …

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Fried Gizzard

Chicken gizzard is one of those nasty looking things we love about chicken that’s the reason why we always have a pack or 2 on stock just in case I or my husband crave for something “bizarre” 🙂  I saw one show on Travel channel (Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Food America) about American Southern cooking wherein …

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Kinilaw na Pusit (Squid Ceviche)

This week is the “celebration” of Holy Week in the Christian world.  It is that part of the year when religious Christians commemorate the sufferings and sacrifice of Jesus Christ to save mankind from their sins.  As part of the observation of the holy week, some devotees will undergo fasting for days and some would …

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