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We are Fred and Shawie, A Filipino couple trying to adapt to the modern lifestyle of urban living and assimilate into a foreign society while at the same time doing our very best to preserve our culture as a full blooded Filipino, first, and a Cagayano & Ilocano, second.

We consider ourselves food enthusiasts in our own right. We love food and eating and cooking at the same time. But we are so much different in our food preferences and cooking style most of the time. My husband, for one, is adventuruous and a bit eccentric when it comes to food and eating.  He loves the unusual local delis of any foreign place we visit, most specially, he enjoys eating exotic food.  I, on the other hand, tends to be more “normal”, a conservative when it comes to food. I eat what normal people eat, except that, I love fatty and oily food.  While high-cholesterol eating was my way of life, my husband is more on the healthy side.  And thanks to my husband,  I have changed my eating habits, I am now more conscious on what goes into my body.  I tend to be more focus into choosing healthier and nutritious foods.

So, yes, eating is one of our favorite pastime and cooking is always an exciting adventure for us (we argue most of the time as to what cooking method is better, or what spices, condiments, and even ingredients to use).  We are no chefs nor food technologists, and we do not aspire to be ironchefs, but we really have a keen interest on food and we prefer to cook our own meals if possible, from scratch, if possible .  Don’t get us wrong but we also love to eat out : streetfoods, fastfoods, restaurant dishes, foreign food, etc. At this period of our lives, it has become our strongest desire and most important priority to stay fit and healthy, for our own sake and that of our children.  These inspire us both to be better cooks, striving to ensure balance in terms of deliciousness, nutritiousness, and healthiness in every food/dish/beverage we come up with.

All of the recipes posted in this blog are from our own creations and experimentations.  Some recipes are our own originals which were products of our own imagination, creativity and ingenuity brought about by our strong cravings, appetite, and sometimes hunger.  Some of course are based on published recipes from cookbooks, magazines, and websites but we have modified each of these recipes to suit our own taste and liking.

Our recipes mention specific brands we have used, but we have no intentions, whatsoever, of promoting them because we are not being paid to do so. We believe that using a brand do make a difference in the outcome of a dish, not only in taste and flavor, but also in texture, mouth feel, shelflife, chewyness, viscosity (for sauces, soups, dips etc.), body, and volume. Not to mention that each brand affects the nutritional values of each dish.  So we put the specific brands to make sure that we achieve the same outcome everytime we cook the same dish.

This blog will serve as our record of our adventures and misadventures in our endeavor to bring “good tasting and healthy food” on our table.  It is for our future reference and  also, we intend to pass them on to our children and our children’s children. And of course we would like to share these recipes to readers who want to try them.

Also, we won’t just be posting recipes in this blog but we will also be sharing information that we have gathered from diverse sources on what food, supplements, nourishments, diets to take and not to take that which have significant impact in losing / gaining weight, staying fit, and improving ones health.

Here’s to good food and healthy lifestyle.


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PS :  By the way, some of our blog entries here prior to December 09, 2011 had been posted in our previous blogs – /  We had decided to move them all here for a lot of reasons.

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