myFresha-licious: Simple Medium Rare Beef Steak

Simple Medium Rare Beef Steak

The Husband loves his steak. When he craves for steak, our go to restaurants are usually Applebees, Friday’s, Chili’s, and the Amwaj restaurant located at their company’s Al Ghazzal Club. He likes his steak moist, succulent, and medium rare of even rare.  Yes, he wants his steak to be “bloody”.  When I was still into red meat (you know, pork and beef), I wanted the same too for my steak, succulent and bloody.  I don’t like a steak that is cooked through.  

Every time he orders his steak, waiters / waitresses usually are shocked whenever he tells them that we wants his steak cooked medium rare or rare. “Sir, madugo pa po yun (Sir, the steak will still be bloody)”, that’s what the waiters / waitresses often tell the Husband (as if he isn’t aware of the meaning).  He usually just smiles and nod.  We used to explain “the why he ordered a medium rare steak” to the servers but I think the Husband and I grew tired of explaining.  If he is served with a none medium rare/rare steak, we just return it and have them serve him what he wants.  As simple as that, no explanations necessary. 

At least once a week, the husband indulges in his simple steak pleasures. Either we dine out or he cooks his own steak at home. Sometimes I cook his steak, but half way through, he usually takes over (he doesn’t trust me with his steak, evil grin) Here is his simple go to recipe for his Beef steak.  The most important technique in cooking beef steak which we learned from watching cooking shows on tv is that to cook the steak frozen. Do not and never thaw your steak. Just take out your steak slab from the freezer, let it sit for a few minutes (not more than 30 minutes) then put it straight on the griller.

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Ingredients :

Worcestershire Sauce
Black Pepper
Red Pepper

Cooking Procedure:
1. Wash, drain, and score the beef.
2. Mix the ingredients for the marinade then pour it on the beef. Massage the marinade on the beef.  Place the beef and the marinade in a zip lock and store in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.
3.  After 2 hours, freeze them.  The beef should be frozen for at least 12 hours before cooking.
4.  Remove the beef from the freezer at most 30 minutes before cooking.  Do not thaw.
5.  Pan grill for at most 8-10 minutes on each side.  

Do not allow the steak to be cooked through