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Beef Trotters & White Beans Stew

I’ve been posting recipes of dishes cooked by my husband for the past few days so I decided to post some of his recipes that have piled up in the draft box.  I am starting with his favorite meat part – the trotters or feet of a four legged mammal (evil grin)

My husband usually crave for pork trotters and since we can’t find it anywhere in Qatar, not even at the only store selling pork,  he settles for beef trotters instead. 

I volunteered to cook beef trotters with white beans.  That’s what the husband wanted because he started craving for pork trotters and white beans ever since he saw the picture posted by my sister in her facebook page. And when I cannot cook due to a terrible migrain and stomach pain (he cooked this may be 3 weeks ago), he did the cooking himself.  And before I can suggest how he would do it, he’s serving me this delicious and very flavorful  stew– beefy, sweet, and savory.  

I cannot eat the meat so I just settled with the veggies.  It was good. 
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White Beans & pata by my sister Joy

Here’s the Husband’s recipe for his   BEEF TROTTERS & WHITE BEANS STEW

Ingredients :

Beef Trotters – 4 pcs
White beans – 1 c
Tomato Paste – 6 tbps
Onions, diced – 1 medium
Garlic, chopped – 5 cloves
Sugar – 4 tsp
Salt – to taste
Fish sauce – 1 tbsp
Black Pepper corns
Magi Magic Sarap
Water – enough to cook the meat until it is fork tender
Vegetable oil

Cooking Procedure :

1. Wash then soak the beans in water overnight.
2. In a pot, heat the oil then saute the garlic then the onions in it.
3.  Add the beef trotters and stir for about five minutes.
4.  Pour the water 2 inches from the top of the meat, add the black peppercorns bring to a boil under low fire for at least 1 and 30 minutes.
5.  Add in the white beans and at least 300ml to 500ml of water.  Let the mixture boil under low fire for another 1 hour or until the beans are cooked (soft but not mushy).  The water level should be reduced to half at this point
6.  Add the tomato paste, magi magic sarap, salt, fish sauce, and sugar.  Let it simmer for another 10 minutes.
7.  Add the pechay and cook it for another 5 minutes or until the vegetable softens.

Serve 🙂


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