myFresha-licious: Spaghetti Beef Marinara

Spaghetti Beef Marinara

I think my husband enjoyed cooking and eating pasta because after making spaghettie marinara ( see his recipe here – My Husband’s Spaghetti in Marinara Sauce) he cooked another spaghetti dish and this time using a beefy marinara sauce.  Well, he just tweaked his marinara sauce recipe and added beef and he had what his taste-buds were looking for 🙂




Spaghetti – 150 g
Parmesan cheese, grated

Bolognese Sauce:

Beef, lean and ground – 250 g.
Ripe Tomatoes, diced – 4 large
Bell pepper, chopped – 1 small
Tomato paste – 50 g
Olives, sliced – 2 tbsp
Onions, chopped – 2 medium
Garlic, chopped – 5 cloves
Basil, dried and ground
Thyme, dried and ground
Marjoram, dried and ground
Rosemary, dried and ground
Sweet Chili Sauce – 2 tbsp
Ground black pepper
Sugar – less than 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Magi Magic Sarap – 2 tsp
Sunflower oil (or any vegetable oil available)
Water – 1/2 c

Cooking Procedure:

1.  Cook spaghetti until aldente as directed in its package.  Drain and set aside
2.  Heat oil in a pan. Sauté the beef until it turns brown.
3.  Stir in the garlic and cook until it turned almost brown.
4.  Stir in the tomatoes and onions and simmer for a minute.  
5. Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer until the tomatoes are fully mashed and the sauce thickened.
6. Throw-in the olives and bell-pepper.  Adjust taste as needed. Simmer for another 5 minutes
7.  Pour the sauce over the spaghetti noodles and mix well.

Transfer the spaghetti mixture into a serving plate and top it with grated parmesan cheese before serving

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