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Baked Rosemary Chicken Wing


My husband’s favorite hobby is either to annoy me (eyebrows meeting and horns growing) and to compete with me in terms of cooking.

Since we were both disappointed in the outcome of my baked orange-rum chicken wings (see recipe here ) he decided to make another baked chicken wings dish  “to show me  how to do it right” (his exact words! )

Anyway, I was grateful that he did the cooking yesterday as I was not feeling well.  The weather got into me I think or may be an allergic reaction to the crab we had for supper the night before.  We had a lovely dinner with this baked rosemary chicken wing and his pizza-pie 🙂 (check the recipe tomorrow)

Ok, I admit, his baked chicken wings are tasty and very flavorful.  The spices specially the rosemary and the rest of the ingredients he used blended very well with the right kick of hotness.  The flavor is not only skin-deep but it penetrated deep into the meat.  And the chicken is so juicy and finger-licking good.  The sauce that remained after baking was deliciously savory.  

Here’s my husband’s recipe for his BAKED ROSEMARY CHICKEN WING

Ingredients :
Chicken Wings – 8 pcs
Rosemary leaves, dried

Marinade Sauce :

Pineapple juice – 1/2 c
Rum – 1/4 c
Tomato paste – enough to make the sauce thick
Red sweet paprika
Black Pepper Powder
Rosemary leaves, dried
Basil leaves, dried
Garlic Powder
Magi magic sarap
Brown Sugar
Chili paste

Cooking Procedure:
1. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade sauce. 
2. Place the marinade sauce in an infuser and inject each wing with the marinade.
3.Transfer all the chicken wings in a zip-locked bag.  Pour the remainingmarinade on the chicken then seal the bag and place it inside therefrigerator. Marinate the chickens overnight
 4.  Remove the marinated chicken wing from the refrigerator at least an hour before cooking.
5.  Heat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.
6.  Place thechicken wings including the marinade sauce on the baking dish.  Place them in the oven and bake the chickens for at least 25 minutes or until the chickenwings are cooked. 

Tocheck if the chicken wings are cooked, insert a knife or any pointed objectinto the chicken wing’s meaty part, if the juice runs clear and if noblood comes out, the chicken wing isdone.

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