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Ginataang Munggo

More than two weeks ago, I have accidentally pressed the “published” button when I was drafting the recipe for my ginataang munggo.   I just found about it last week so I reverted it to draft since I haven’t polished the entry yet.

Anyway, I cooked this when my eldest nephew was sick.  He cannot eat food that are not soft and wet so I gave him a treat.  He didn’t like it so much that he only finished almost half bowl of the ginataang munggo 🙁  sigh… I miss those kids.  I haven’t seen them for just a few days and I miss them terribly

Ginataang munggo reminds me and my siblings of the flores de mayo which was celebrated in our town when we were kids.  I believe nobody had continued the tradition since Inang Canota died.  Inang Canota who is my Lola Paring’s bestfriend introduced the celebration of flores de mayo in our town which she started several decades ago when they migrated to our town from Nueva ecija.  Since our Lola Paring is a devoted catholic, she used to lead the padasal (prayer by rosary) and she always tagged me and my siblings along for each house-to-house padasal.  And for every padasal, the house owner will serve some refreshment that mostly consist of juices and kakanin like ginataang munggo.

As the name implies, ginataang munggo consists of glutinous rice and mung beans cooked in coconut milkBelow is my recipe 🙂



Glutinous Rice – 1 1/2 c
Munggo – 1/2 c
Coconut Milk Powder – 50 g.
Brown Sugar – 1 c
Salt – a dash
Water – 10 c

Cooking Procedure:

1. Wash the glutinous rice and soak in water for at least 30 min.  Drain and transfer in a pot
2. Roast the munggo in a pan until they turn dark brown.
3. Crush the munggo using a mortar and pestle or using a rolling pin or using a bottle.
4. Dissolve the coconut powder in 1/2 cup of water
5. In a pot, mix the crushed munggo, glutinous rice, water, sugar, and the dissolved coconut milk.
6.  Bring to a boil under medium heat.  Reduce heat and let the mixture simmer until the glutinous rice is cooked.

 Serve and enjoy like my nephews and niece’s did 🙂  I definitely did.

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