myFresha-licious: Tuna & Radish Wrap with Garlic-Mayo Sauce

Tuna & Radish Wrap with Garlic-Mayo Sauce

Since I have posted the canned tuna and radish recipe of Macoy (Sarmiento) yesterday,  I am posting yet another wrap recipe that uses the sautéed tuna and radish dish.  I make wraps whenever Frederick is away for a few days leaving me all alone and eating by myself.  Wraps and sandwiches were all that I ate to get me through those daysHere’s one recipe.


sautéed tuna and radish see recipe here  
     – use  small radish only

Cucumber, diced – 1 small size

Lettuce, shredded – 2 leaves
Tortilla wraps or pita bread – 4 pcs
Garlic-Mayo sauce – (see recipe here )

For the tortilla wraps or pita bread, choose whole wheat type instead of the white one.  It is healthier as it is higher in fiber content and lower in its glycimex index 


1.  cook the radish and tuna the same way as the one we did under Simple Sautéed Tuna and Radish
2. Heat the tortilla wraps or pita bread, whichever you are using
3.  Lay flat the tortilla wrap or pita bread, arrange and pile the fillings in this order: a spoonful of sautéed tuna and radish, cucumber, and then lettuce.  Drizzle with garlic-mayo sauce before rolling up the bread

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