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Tuna Omelette

I am a late-riser and most of the time I am the last person to have breakfast in the house.  That’s why, what was left for my breakfast this morning are 3 slices of this tuna omelette and a few slices of fried eggplant.  Unfortunately for me, my youngest nephew ate the 2 slices of the omelette because he wants it more than the hotdog and egg Mammy cooked for him.  Now I am starving as I draft this post.  

As I always mention,  Mammy’s breakfast always comes with egg and most of the time, she makes omelette or scrambled egg with anything in it. 

Here is Mammy’s recipe of    TUNA OMELETTE   . You can click this for more of our omelette recipe and this for other egg recipes. 


Eggs, beaten – 4
Tuna, canned in oil – 150 g. x 2
Garlic, crushed – 3 cloves 
Onions, diced – 2 medium

Ripe Tomatoes – 2 medium
Oil from tuna
Salt and ground pepper to taste
Magi Magic Sarap

Cooking Procedure:

1. Drain the oil of the canned tuna and reserve it for later.  
2.  Heat the same oil from the canned tuna in a pan then sauté thegarlic then the onion and tomatoes.
3. When the tomatoes start to wilt, add the tuna.  Stir.
4.  Season with salt, ground black pepper, and magi magic sarap. Let it simmer for a minute then remove from fire.  Cool it down

5.  Mix the beaten egg and the sauteed tuna in a bowl.
6.  In the same frying pan, pour in the egg-tuna mixture. 

7. Tilt the pan on all sides to evenly distribute the egg-tuna mixture and form a circle.
8.  Fry both side for about 5 minutes or until each side turns brown.

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