myFresha-licious: Paksiw na Galunggong

Paksiw na Galunggong

Paksiw na isda, in general involves poaching the fish in vinegar, ginger, garlic, other spices.  I am not good at cooking paksiw na isda no matter what I do.  I think that is my water loo.  The truth is, I actually am not fond of it 🙁

Everytime we buy galunggong, Mammy or my brother-in-law Richard will turn it into paksiw and if there are any leftovers, Mammy fries them.  I love the taste of galunggong that is cooked as paksiw first then fried.  Ei, by the way, galunggong is not cheap you know.  It is even more expensive than bangus (milkfish) and tilapia.



Galunggong, gutted and cleaned – 15 pcs
Ginger, diced and crushed – 1 thumbsize
Garlic, crushed – 6 cloves ++
Onions, diced – 2 medium
Vinegar – just enough to cover the fish
Water – very small amount only
Green chilis (not hot) – around 20 pcs or more
Salt to taste
Black Peppercorns

Cooking Procedure:

Dump all the ingredients in a pot in this order:  ginger, garlic, onions, topped with the fishes then the green chilies.  Then pour the vinegar and water with the seasonings.  Cook under medium fire until most of the liquids have evaporated.

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