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Fish Afritada

My sister Tin dragged me to Bon Chon for lunch last Tuesday after more than half day of processing our driver’s license at LTO East Avenue.  I’m glad I was able to to renew my driver’s license.  Tin has yet to get her license cause she flunked her written exam – a point short to the passing nyahahhaha.   Anyway, we didn’t bring “spacey” (Tin’s car) along since I hate searching for parking slots.

As I was saying, she dragged and bribed my to eat at Bon Chon (Shopwise Cubao).  We had the fried garlic chicken and I’m not sure why is my sister liking it.  The flavors can only be tasted at the outer part of the chicken.  The inner most meat parts were tasteless.  Bon chon is a Korean fast food chain that originated in Korea.  Their first store was erected at Busan Korea and later on they expand through the United States, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and now the Philippines.  Not that it matters.  I haven’t been to any of their Singapore branches.  Last Tuesday was my very first time to eat there and I vowed to my sister never to set foot at any bon chon branches ever.  On second through though, if she’s going to treat me again, I’ll try a different chicken flavor.  I’ll give bon chon a second chance at my palate, just because I love Korean foods 🙂

Going  to my fish Afritada.  I am not a tomato-paste user because of it’s bitter aftertaste (sometime) and it is not easy to estimate how much of it should I be putting in a tomato-based dish.  BUT that was before. Spending four years in Singapore, where tomato sauces are not sold in local  groceries and supermarkets, I’ve learned to get used to using tomato paste.  Tomato sauces (del monte, hunts, etc) are only bought from the ABC or value dollar stores in Singapore where they sell stuffs from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other nearby Southeast Asian countries.

Anyway, I mentioned that because I used tomato paste again for this afritada recipe.  Ironic isn’t it? Because tomato sauce are in abundance in grocery stores in the country even here in our city (wink wink) but now, I prefer using tomato paste 🙂

I cooked this last week before I came to Manila.  We had a few slices of Imelda and some whole tilapias and milkfishes in the freezer back then and I cannot think of any other way to cook any of those.  So I searched the world wide web and visited a few favorite food blogs including that of Overseas Pinoy Cooking and lucky was I to stumble upon its recipe on Afritadang bangus (see the recipe after my recipe on afritadang isda)  Thank you Ut-man for sharing your wonderful recipes! 

I based my recipe on afritadang isda on UT-man’s but I did some tweaking 🙂  Bangus was used by UT-man in his recipe,  I used sliced Imelda fish.  Bangus is delicious, it is fatty and tasty and it is one of those fishes I like but it is the most cumbersome and sometimes annoying thing to eat because it has so many  fish bones that I often miss to remove because they are too tiny for my eyes to see.  And to think that we have toddlers to feed, I have decided against using bangus.  I also did not add potatoes coz I forgot to buy, instead I added carrots

Here’s my recipe for  FISH AFRITADA


Imelda slices  – 8 to 10 pcs
Carrots, diced – 2 smallGarlic, minced – 5 cloves
Bell Pepper, diced – 1 small
Onions, diced – 1 medium
Ginger, sliced into strips – 1/2 “
Tomato paste – 5 tbsp

Magi Magic sarap – 1/2 tsp
Cornstarch – 2 tbsp
Fish Sauce – 2 tbsp
Salt and pepper
Cooking oil

Water – 1 1/2 cup

Cooking Procedure:

1.  Fry fishes until all sides turn into golden brown.  Remove from pan and set aside.  Pat dry excess oil
2.  Pan fry the potatoes too until they turn slight brown. Remove from pan and set aside.  Pat dry excess oil
3. In another pan, heat oil (do not use the used oil) then sauté garlic, ginger, and onionuntil aromatic.  
4.  Stir in the tomato paste then pour the water in it.  Season with the fish sauce and ground black pepper.  Add in the cornstarch dissolved in a small amount of water.  Let simmer
5.  Add the potatoes.  Simmer for a minute.
6.  Add the fried fishes and the bell pepper and let it simmer for another 2 minutes

Serve and enjoy.

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AFRITADANG BANGUS by Overseas Pinoy Cooking

recipe below was originally posted here


1 medium size bangus (about 1/2 k.), sliced into 1” thick
1 potato, sliced into 1/2” thick
3 bulb garlic, minced
1 small size onion, chopped finely
1 small size bell pepper, sliced
1 c. tomato sauce
2-3 tbsp. cornstarch
2-3 tbsp. patis
2 pc. bay leaf
salt and pepper
cooking oil

Fry sliced potato and bangus until colour turn to golden brown.Remove from frying pan, set aside. In a sauce pan sauté garlic and onionuntil fragrant, Add patis 1 c. of water, bay leaf and tomato sauce,stir cook for 3-5 minutes. Add in fried potatoes and bangus andcook for 2-3 minutes. Add bell pepper, season with salt and pepper,thicken sauce with cornstarch dissolve in 1/4 c. of water, cook foranother 2-3 minutes. Serve hot.