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Dinardaraan: Crunchy Pork Meat & Intestines

Let me say it again, Filipinos specially the Ilocanos do not waste food.  Aren’t Ilocanos branded Kuripot (stingy)?  The truth is, Ilocanos are pragmatic people.  We Ilocanos do not spend on things we don’t need and we put into use anything that is still usable, functional, working, and edible. Wasting is not part of the Ilocano culture.  But I strongly believe though that pragmatism runs among most Filipinos.

Ilocanos do practice that same practicality when it comes to food too.  When a pig is butchered, or any animal at that, almost all of its parts are used and are transformed  into delectable dishes. That includes the pig’s brain (see Dinakdakan nga Baboy ), its boney part specially when the meat were intentionally removed, its fats and skins (see Sweet Braised Pork Fat ), and of course its blood.

Dinardaraan is the Ilocano term for dinuguan or blood stew.   Dinardaraan which refers to the blood stew of the Ilocanos is very much different from the blood stew, dinuguan, of the Tagalogs.  Dinardaraan is dry and sometimes oily as compared to the soupy dinuguan.  Both however use the meat and / or innards of the pig.

This dinardaraan recipe is another version cooked by our Sangkong Elmer from Nueva Viscaya.  He used the large intestines and a bit of pork loin and pork fat, deep fried them until they are crunchy.  He cleaned all sides of the large intestines removing every bit of its contents.  Also he cooked the spiced blood separately and just mixed it with the fried meat and intestines when it was cooked.

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Pig’s Large Intestines, diced – all the large intestines
Pork Meat and fat (include skin) – 1 kg
Cooking Oil  for frying

Blood Sauce:

Pig’s blood – 1.5 L
Cane Vinegar – 500 ml
Salt to taste
Fish Sauce – 1/4 cup
Ground Peppercorns
Garlic, crushed and minced – 1 head
Red Onion, minced – 2 large
Ajinomoto MSG

Cooking Procedure:

1. Clean the large intestines by removing its contents first, rinse it with water, then rub the inner and outher sides with salt, then rinse with water again.
2. Heat oil in a big silyasi then fry the fat until they are almost brown.  Add the intestines and the meat and fry them until they are crunchy.  Set aside.
3.  Mix together the pig’s blood, cane vinegar, salt, MSG, and ground black pepper and whisk it.  Mash any coagulated blood.  Set aside
4.  Get a small amount of oil from the one used to fry the intestines and saute in it the garlic until it turns brown.
5.  Stir in the onion then gradually pour the blood mixture.  Bring to a boil and stir occasionally.
6.  Season with fish sauce.  Let it simmer while stirring occasionally.  Adjust taste as needed.  the taste should be a bit-sour-and-saltyLet the stew simmer until the blood curdles and most of the liquids evaporated.  Remove from fire
7.  Mix the blood sauce with the crunchy meat and serve.

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