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Chicken Pochero

(photos posted on January 5, 2013)

I’m growing anxious everyday because I’m not done packing my things yet.  What can I put in a travelling bag when I’m only allowed to carry 23kg of luggage????? My husband said I can go beyond the 23 kg limit but I have to pay extra.  I’ll pay extra then – $7/kg in excess.  It’s expensive 🙁

Anyway, I’m posting a few dishes I cooked at home.  One of which is this chicken pochero which had become one of the kids and the adults’ favorite dish, yet again :-).  

Most of our Filipino tomato-based stews find their roots to the Spanish cuisine.  The Spaniards rule over our ancestors for more than 500 yrs and not only did they not influence our religion, way of thinking, values, and basis for morality but they also have extended their influence to our cuisines.  

Philippine pochero is one of those tomato-based stews that find its origins to the Spanish’s Puchero.  Puchero literally means stewpot and the dish is translated as Meat and chickpea stew.  The dish usually includes meat (pork, beef, chicken , veal chicken) and sausages, various vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, squash, sweet corn, carrots, and the chickpeas.    Puchero is actually a regional or a country variation of the Spanish cocido    and is a common dish in most Spanish countries, like Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia, and of course the mother – Spain.  

I did not put any sausages nor hotdogs.  I also did not put any chickpeas (garbanzos).  Now I am not sure if I can call this pochero since I didn’t include chickpeas 🙁  And instead of using ripe tomatoes, I used tomato paste.  According to the label of the tomato paste I used (del monte), 1 tbsp of del monte tomato paste is equivalent to 3 tomatoes.

I put Saging na saba (plantain), but unlike other Filipinos,  I did not fry them.  I like saging na saba better boiled along with the ingredients as in this way.  It adds natural sweetness to the stew.

PS:  We can’t upload photo because google said we maxed out all the free allotted spacesfor this account. We need to figure out how to go about this.  If wewill buy or not. Until then, no pic for this post but we will soon postwhenever possible 🙂 

(photos posted on January 5, 2013)



Chicken, cut into serving portions – 1 kg
Plantain (Saging na Saba), cut into 3 pcs – 10 medium sizes
Sweet Potato, diced (1″ thick) – 3 medium sizes
Pechay – as desired
Garlic, minced – 6 cloves
Onions, diced – 2 medium
Tomato Paste – 5 tbsp
Fish Sauce – 2 tbsp
Salt and Pepper to taste
Knor chicken cubes –  1 pc
Water – just enough to cover the meat
Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp

Cooking Procedure:

1. Heat oil in a wok and saute the garlic until it is aromatic.
2.  Add the onion and stir until it wilted then add the chicken.  Stir fry the chicken for 5 minutes.  Do not allow it to brown.
3. Toss in the sweet potatoes.  Pour the eater just enough to cover the chicken and sweet potatoes.
4.  Add seasoning :  fish sauce, salt, tomato paste, knor chicken cube, and the ground black pepper.  Bring to a boil under medium fire until the sweet potatoes are half-cooked.
5.  Add in the saging na saba and let the stew simmer until the banana is half cooked.
6.  Mash a few of the sweet potatoes and adjust taste as needed.
7.  Put in the pechay and cook the stew again until the pechay wilts.  Remove from fire and serve.


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