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Adobong Buto-Buto ng Baboy

Adobo again? 🙂 indeed it is.  In a typical Ilocano get-together, there are a few dishes that are almost often present specially when a pig is butchered.  Dinakdakan, dinardaraan, lauya, igado, and of course adobo to name a few.   These dishes are all part of the spread we had during our family’s get together last Undas.  (see below the links of those dishes cooked during our family’s get-together)

When a pig is butchered, the cook usually separates the meat from the fat and from the bones.  The bones are either cooked as soup, as lauya (boiled pork soup) for instance but in our case, the bones were cooked as adobo.  My parents usually make nilagang buto-buto as the resulting soup is more flavourful as compared to using lean meat or meat-with-fat specially when it is slow-cooked for hours.  The flavors coming from the bones blends deliciously with the rest of the ingredients and are retained in the soup.  The same goes true with this adobo.  The flavor from the slow-cooked bones-with-meat blended with the spices and the condiments made a delicious oily-sauce.  Not to mention that the meat is juicier as compared to using lean meat.

The ingredients?  Oh, there’s nothing new nor fancy with it.  It is the same usual simple ingredients for adobo.  Check our collections of adobo recipes here.


Pork Ribs and bones – all of it
Soy Sauce – 3 cups
Cane Vinegar – 3 cups
Black Peppercorns
Bay leaves – 10 pcs (+/-)
Garlic, crushed – 2 heads
Water – enough to tenderize the pork

Cooking Procedure:

Dump all the ingredients in a pot and slow cook the meat for at least 1 1/2 hours or until they are fork-tender .  Add more water as needed and let it simmer until most of the liquids have evaporated living a small amount of oily sauce

Below are some of the dishes that were cooked during our family’s get-together.  These dishes are typically found in an Ilocano get-togethers / parties Lauya, chicken tinola, chicken adobo, macaroni salad, palitaw sa latik (recipe to be posted later on) and inkiwar were served too.  Sangkong Elmer also cooked a  duck ala caldereta but I wasn’t able to get his recipe 🙁

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