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How to: Make Coconut Milk

I often cook dishes and snacks with coconut milk in it.  Most of the time, I make use of packed and ready-to-use coconut milk or cream either in liquid or powder form.  But I like to use freshly squeezed coconut milk.  My parents prefer using freshly squeezed coconut milk when they cook ginittaan as it is more flavorful and creamier.  

Check out our recipes here and here where coconut milk are used.  Replace the ones where we used coconut cream or coconut powder with freshly squeezed coconut milk.



Coconut meat from 2 coconuts, shredded
Hot water 3 cups
Tap water 1 to 2 cups


1.Pour 2 cups of hot water.  Mix well and let it sit for a minute.  
2. If the coconut meat is hot to the touch, add a small amount of tap water. 
3. Mash the coconut meat with your two hands.  
4. Squeeze out the milk from the shredded coconut meat.  Set aside the squeezed coconut meat for later.
5. Strain the coconut milk to remove anycoconut meat.  
6. Repeat 1 or 2 times more using whatever is left of the water

The coconut milk from the first squeeze is the most priced as it is more concentrated.
You can make the coconut milk ahead of time for later use but you have to store it in the freezer 🙂 

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