myFresha-licious: Ginataang Hito / Catfish with Coconut Milk

Ginataang Hito / Catfish with Coconut Milk

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Hi everyone.  It’sbeen a while since my last post, that’s almost 4 months based on mycounting.  There had been some major changes in our lives (mine and myhusband’s).  One of which is leaving Singapore for good.  My husbandfound a better career opportunity in the Middle East, that’s why, andwe’re moving there.  Frederick is actually in Qatar right now and I’d befollowing him soon.  I’m so missing him 🙁

Right now, I’m in the Philippines. Savoring the fresh food bounty my birthtown, city at that, can offer.  Eating and enjoying fresh produce on adaily basis; some organic, some not.  That’s giving my organs a detoxfrom chemically sprayed vegetables and fruits just to keep them lookingfresh.

I’m giving myself a fresh starton this blog after a long hibernation.  Though I am not feeling well (myunruly stomach is giving me a hard time these days not to mention that Ifeel like going down with a flu) I have decided to blog again and I’mstarting it with our favorite (my siblings and I) viand that our MamaTessie often cook everytime we come home to Tabuk for Vacation.  Sheusually serves this during Sunday lunch or as per our request. It’s herspecialty.  Actually cooking ginataang hito is a teamwork between ourMama Tessie and Papa Ambring.  By the way, they are fondly called mammyand pappy by my niece and nephews instead of lola nor lolo so I willcall them the same way in my posts from now on.   As I have said, it’s teamwork.  Pappy usually “kills” and cleans the catfish (he doesn’t wantit done by the fish monger for “hygiene” reasons) and Mammy does thecooking
Here’s the recipe for Mammy’s  GINATAANG HITO :


Catfish, cut into serving portions – 1 whole
Coconut milk squeezed from 2 coconuts
Vegetable of your choice (eggplant, string beans, okra, or pechay)
* Green chili
Magi Magic Sarap
Onions, dice – 2 medium
Garlic, crushed – 3 cloves
Ginger, crushed – 1″
Fish Sauce and salt to taste
black pepper
Vegetable oil

Green Chilis being sold in our home town Tabuk are most of the time not hot and not spicy.  That’s the reason why we make sure that we have green chilis whenever we cook ginataan or pinakbet or any other Ilocano dishes. I don’t know what variety of chili they are though.

Cooking Procedure:

1. Heat oil and stir in garlic, then onions and ginger, sauté under medium fire until it is aromatic
2. Add in the sliced catfish and pan-fry them for at least 5 minutes.
3. Pour the coconut milk and bring to a boil.  Season with magi magic sarap, fish sauce, salt, and black pepper. Bring to a boil again
4.  Add the vegetables and let boil until the veggies are cooked

© Fresha-licious (12September2012)