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Today is the birthday of our wonderful, very loving, very understanding, and very supportive mother – Mama Tessie.  Happy birthday Mama.  We love you so much and I miss you dearly.  I may not say it often but thank you for everything.  We won’t be what we are today if not because of your loving care and guidance.  And Happy mother’s day to you.  I thank God every day for blessing us with a mother as extraordinary as you.

We often celebrate my mother’s birthday over a sumptous dinner of pancit canton or spaghettie with lechon kawali that she herself cook.  A modest dinner as it may seem but the joy we experience from such simplicity is priceless.  It is something worth valuing and treasured.

As a tribute to our mother who is one of the reasons why I eat the way I eat and cook the way I cook, I am listing down some of the recipes posted here that is either her  own recipe/s or is influenced by her preferences or cooking style :

1. Buridibud – an Ilocano vegetable stew which is a person favorite of mine. My siblings and I usually mix the sabaw with the rice and a little sugar 🙂

2. Pinakbet – a mixture of Ilocano vegetables like eggplant, lady finger, bittergourd and any vegetables available from the garden and seasoned with bagoong .  My mama will always serve it with grilled or fried fish or sometimes adds pork in her pinakbet

3. Lechong Kawali it is an all time favorite that Mama often cook and serve on special occasions.  She always pairs it with Pinoy style spaghetti or pancit canton

4. Chicken adobo – an Ilocano style of cooking chicken adobo

5. .Poki poki – scrambled egg with grilled eggplant

6. Dinuguang Baboy / Dinardaraan nga baboy – pork blood stew

These are only a few of the dishes that my Mama Tessie often cooks and serve to us. I haven’t had the time and chance to write about the rest of her recipes specially her ginataan recipes.

Oh by the way, advance happy mother’s day to all mothers specially to my Mama Tessie.  we love you so much Mama

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