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Moist Yellow Vanilla Cake

I was drenched in rain water this morning when I was on my way to work.  The rain was so heavy  that my umbrella cannot shed me from the rain-water because is seemed like it is coming from everywhere and the strong winds blew from all directions making it even worse.  I still continued to brave the rain that my pants and sleeves were dripping and my lower torso and back were soaked in water when I reached the MRT station.  I was chilling with the coldness and wetness of my clothes not to mention the low temperature inside the MRT,  good thing that I brought a shawl.  It kept me warm throughout my journey to the office. 
I was actually contemplating on going back and just lay in the warmth of my bed and blanket all throughout the day.  It’s nice to sleep in this bed-weather, you know.  Or perhaps post some overdue blog entries and recipes that have been piling up in my draft box like the recipe of this yellow vanilla cake.  But I fought off the temptation and decided to go to work instead.  I have not many annual leaves and sick leave left🙁 sad.  If only some of my office mates would lend me or even sell me their most precious leaves,  I’d be most happy to buy  (evil grin)
Anyway, here’s my moist yellow vanilla cake.  This cake is really yellow without any yellow food coloring added.  It owed its yellowness from the egg yolks.  And this is truly moist with crumbs that are fine with even holes.  The taste was not eggy,  I was actually afraid of that result because of the egg yolks good thing it turned out delicious.  The taste came out to be a delicious balance of vanilla flavor and sweetness that is not cloying.  Airene’s kids loved it.  In fact, Aliyah has been requesting me to bake some again but I haven’t had the chance to do it yet.  Some other time may be.

This, by the way, is my first trial recipe and I did the formulation myself J thanks to the baking text books and baking websites.  Here’s my recipe.  Help yourself with it.  Do share with me your result please 🙂


Ingredients :

Cake flour – 1 1/32 cups
Milk Powder – 1 tbsp
Baking Powder – 2 tsp
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Vanilla Powder – 1 tsp
White Sugar- 1 cup
Water – 1/2 cup 
Egg Yolks – 8 pcs
Vegetable Oil – 1/2 cup

Cooking Procedure :

  1. Pre heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius and decrease the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius when you start to bake
  2. Grease and sprinkle with flour an 8”x8”x2” or 8” round baking pan.  Tap it to remove extra flour
  3. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.
  4. Mix in the eggs, water, and oil and beat it using a wire whisk, hand held mixer, or stand mixer with the paddle until the batter  is homogenous.
  5. Pour in the baking pan and bake it at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 – 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted inside the cake comes out clean or with just dry crumbs.
Cook the cake first before frosting or decorating it.

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