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Binagoongang Baboy

There were rumors all over the social media as well as news posted online (CNA, yahoo news, etc) that a tsunami will strike Singapore today at past 7 AM.  That actually made me paranoid for the whole night despite the re-assurance of my husband who’s been all eyes and ears on the news report over TV and online.

It’s already past 9AM (Singapore time) and I am glad that things are still the same, no flooding nor wet grounds though the clouds outside are dark and the loud roar of thunder signify that there will be a heavy rain coming in a few minutes.  Well, I’m in Singapore and that’s normal.  So it is now safe to say that the tsunami alert is just a warning and I pray that it won’t happen, not here, and not anywhere.
The tsunami alert yesterday was triggered due to the strong earthquake that hit Indonesia.  See the news from Channel News Asia yesterday.
BANDA ACEH – A massive 8.6-magnitude earthquake and strong aftershocks struck off Indonesia on Wednesday, sending people as far away as southern India scurrying from buildings and raising fears of a disastrous tsunami as in 2004.

The first quake struck at 0838 GMT and an 8.2-magnitude aftershock just over two hours later, at 1043 GMT. Two more strong aftershocks hit later.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued fresh tsunami warnings for the entire Indian Ocean after the aftershocks.

The 8.6-magnitude quake struck 431 kilometres (268 miles) off the Indonesian city of Banda Aceh, the US Geological Survey said.

Terrified residents poured into the streets of Banda Aceh, which was devastated by a 9.1-magnitude quake in 2004 that triggered an Indian Ocean tsunami, killing 220,000 people including 170,000 in Aceh province.

The latest tremor was felt as far afield as Thailand, where skyscrapers in the capital Bangkok swayed. India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar all issued alerts or evacuation orders.

     – source :  Channel News Asia
Anyway, let’s just be glad and thankful that there were no casualties nor fatalities (reported) anywhere.  Let’s pray that it won’t get worse like what happened in Japan a year ago.  Stay safe everyone.

So, let’s proceed to our recipe.  The recipe we are posting is my sister Joy’s Binagoongang Baboy.  The thing with Joy is that I never knew she could cook because not once did I ever see her with any cooking utensils nor near the stove nor chopping board before.  The only dish I remember she cooked was our cats (yes, 17 of them) favorite food – paksiw na galunggong or tilapia.   She doesn’t even want to cook rice even if we have a rice cooker.  So eating a dish cooked by her is a surprise and finding it delicious is really amazing.
Here is her recipe.  No measurement given as she cooks “patyam” style (measuring ingredients by estimates)


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Pork, cubed – 500 g.
Eggplant, diced – 3 medium
Green Sili, diced (not hot) – as desired
Sauteed Bagoong Alamang (see recipe here ) – to taste
Powdered Gata – 45 g.
Onion, diced – 1 medium
Garlic, crushed and chopped – 5 cloves
Water, enough to cover the meat until they’re tender
Ground Black Pepper
Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp

Cooking Procedure:

1.  Place water and pork in a pressure cooker and cook meat under pressure until they are tender.
2.  Drain pork and reserve pork broth
3. Heat oil (but do not let it smoke) and sauté’ garlic until brown then stir in the  onion, then the pork.  Let it simmer.
4.  Add the eggplants and stir.
5.  Stir in the bagoong alamang, green sili, and season with ground black pepper.  Pour in the pork broth and bring to a simmer. 
6.  When most of the liquids have evaporated, taste and adjust it when necessary.

Serve with steamed rice.

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