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Pinakbet na may Bunga ng Malunggay

We just got back from Mustafa and look what we bought in addition to our usual grocery stuffs – bunga ng malunggay at talbos ng kamote!  Tada!!!

The bunga ng malunggay was expensive. $ 3.40 for 6 pieces 🙁 but it’s worth it.  It’s been a while since we had bunga ng malunggay.   It’s Frederick’s turn to cook right now.  We do take turn in cooking but usually he does most of the cooking of pinakbet or dinengdeng and other Ilocano dishes. This is another way of how Frederick cooks pinakbet. 

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Eggplant, sliced (Talong)
Bitter gourd (Ampalaya), sliced
Lady finger (Okra), sliced
Squash (kalabasa)Bunga ng Malunggay
Long Beans (sitaw)
Ripe tomatoes, diced (kamatis ) – 1 large
Onion, diced (sibuyas) – 1 medium bulb
Garlic, crushed (bawang)
Kamote tops (Sweet Potato leaves)
Bagoong Padas (fermented fish sauce) – 4 tbsp
Fish Sauce
Ground pepper (pamintang durog)

Cooking procedure:

  1. Place water, onion andginger and tomatoes in a pot bring to a boil.  Theamount of water will depend on how soupy or dry you want your pinakbet  to be
  2. In a bowl, place the bagoong padas sauce with some ofits fermented fishes.  Add boiling water then mash the fish toseparate the meat from the fish bones.  Pour the bagoong intothe boiling water excluding the fish bones.  Add the ground pepper and magi magic sarap/ Let it simmer.  
The amount of bagoong  to be used depends onyour taste preference.  Just be careful not to make it too salty.  You can put additional fish sauce if needed.
  1. Add the squash and eggplant first and let it simmer.  
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook it until done.
  3. Remove the from fire and add the kamote tops.  Let the heat of the dish cook theleaves.

A teaspoon of sugar sprinkled on my rice mixed with the pinakbet’s soup made it even more yummy 🙂

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