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Oatmeal, Soy Milk and Yogurt Meal

Blame it to Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, and The Mentalist that I wasn’t able to cook for my supper.  So opting for a healthier meal for supper, I had oatmeal-soyamilk-yogurt blend topped with my favorite nuts-seed mix.  This is a healthy meal that’s rich in protein and fiber and with a caloric content within my 450 kcal limit for a complete meal..  Based on my readings, fertility doctors advise women to opt for healthier source of protein such as from plants rather than getting it from animal meat and other animal by products like dairies.  But they also recommend that women should at least get a daily serving of full-fat milk or any dairy products and they strongly DO NOT recommend ingesting low-fat / reduced fat / no-fat dairy products.
So putting together soya milk and yogurt is a good idea. First thing, because drinking no-sugar-added-soya=milk alone is boring because its bland.  And it’s also boring to be eating just plain flavored yogurt.  Don’t get me wrong, I love yogurt specially the greek style, creamy and sour is lovely.  But I find it more fascinating to be mixing it with anything I can chew as long as it’s healthy and friendly to my gut.
This recipe is just a base for many exciting oatmeal+soy milk + yogurt meals.  Just tweak it a bit until you find what suit your appetite 🙂


Rolled or instant oatmeal – ½ c
Soy milk, no sugar added – ½ c
Full-fat Vanilla flavored yogurt – ½ c.
Toppings of your choice :  I prefer to add nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, or peanuts) and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, etc), no fresh fruits for me.  I may consider sweetened dried fruits

For the yogurt, you can use any yogurt you wish, non-fat, reduced-fat, full-fat, flavored, reduced sugar, etc.  I just want a full-fat dairy that’s it.  if you wish to use greek-style yogurt, by all means do that.  You can add sugar, if you’re not counting your calories, or splenda / equal, if you’re conscious about your sugar intake, or honey perhaps for healthier choices or none at all.  If I can find a low-sugar flavored full-fat yogurt, i’ll use that.
Cooking Procedure:
  1. Heat the soya milk in a microwave for 2 minutes (do not allow it to boil)
  2. Add in the oatmeal and mix thoroughly, wait until the mixture is fluffy.  Let it cool down.
  3. When the oatmeal-soyamilk is cold, add the yogurt.  Top with anything you like.

Makes 1 serving.  Below is the estimated nutritional values per serving based on the ingredients used. 

Calories          :  352 kcal
Total Fat             :  6.55 g
Cholesterol     :  15 mg
Saturated Fat      :  2.1 g
Protein            :  15.95 g
Trans Fat            :  0 g
Sodium           :  136.5 mg
Dietary Fiber       :  2.75 g
Carbohydrate  :  58.3 g
Sugar                  : 34.3 g

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