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Special Diet & Fitness Program

My relationship with my weight is akin to a yoyo or a seesaw perhaps.  My diets, special or not,  are to be blamed coz it has created an endless cycle of weight loss, weight gain, then weight loss again, then weight gain again.  I had a diet & fitness program last year wherein I was really successful at losing weight which made me loss around 7 kg in 2 months time and maintaining a weight of 53 kg at that for another month (see My Way of Losing Weight ) and then when I strayed away from my program, that is least to say I became unmindful of what I was eating and drinking, I slacked off, I ate more than twice of the portion in my previous diet program, I gave in to my cravings, lost contol of my appetite, and there I guzzled on sweets and fatty foods.  What more do I expect? Of course, my weight ballooned to where it is before.  I now weigh almost 60 kg again.  And I am not pregnant yet!  The worst thing is that, me gaining weight is contagious, my husband is also now overweight at 70 kg.  I told him that I am not to blame because I was just serving him delicious meals.  But that reason is not acceptable.  If I want to get pregnant; if we want to have babies (yes plural) we have to loss weight and have normal BMIs (not more than 25.  That is really needed, specially in my case where I have PCOS and God knows what else 🙁

Starting today, I will strictly abide by this diet / fitness program and of course my husband, whether he likes it or not, will be doing the same.  He has no choice since I’d be the one preparing our meals this way hehehe.  I’ll evaluate the progress on a weekly basis.

My husband and I have contradicting views when it comes to the concept of eating-and-working-out-to-loss-weight.  That is not surprising since he is in the medical field and I am, well, in the “normal-yet-curious” field (I’m not sure if that makes sense).  Though we still eat the same dish either one of us cooks,  whoever wants to cook for a particular meal, we always have some disagreements on what to cook.  We have contradicting beliefs when it comes to eating :  My husband, for instance, is more of the white meat and veggie type and I am the pork-meat type.  He is an unmindful eater that he can live with just eating crackers or bread or yogurt or anything-can-do-food as long as its not always-fatty-pork or not always red-meat.  I on the other hand is more concerned with my nutrient intake, that for lunch and supper, I have to make sure that our meal consist of the 3 building blocks of food, that is carbohydrates, proteins, and fat.  When it comes to protein, I believe that the best sources are animal meat as they are complete, and I stick to that belief and fight for it hehehe.  Frederick on the other hand prefers getting his protein from fishes and plants, hence we “fight”. Yep, we always argue as to what to cook and what to eat.  
I need, WE need a special diet and fitness program again not only because I want to lose these extra bulges all over me and to be able to fit in my old small and medium size clothes again.  My main goal for dieting is to boost my chances of getting pregnant.  That’s why I’ve been reading on special diets relative to this.  I just finished reading “the Fertility Diet” by Dr. Jorge  Chavarro and company and I’m starting on “The PCOS diet plan : a natural approach to health for women with polycystic ovary syndrome” by Hillary Wright.  These books taught me to be smarter and healthier in choosing sources of nutrients, specially when it comes to carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  Like, pork may be a good source of protein but I have to weigh in the risk factors, like the high cholesterol and high fat contents in pork.  Or getting the same amount of protein from plants but lower risk of cholesterol and fats.  Or should I be considering fish as source of my protein and fats, when they are high in mercury? or carbohydrate nor fats are bad for the health.  Or is it true that caffein neither affect or not affect fertility by sugary drinks and alcohol do, something of that sort 🙂
So, anyway,  I have decided to listen to my husband and put into consideration all the information that I have gathered from reading and eat more on healthier sources of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.    But of course, totally ditching pork or red meat is really a no, a big NO.  I will just have to minimize my, our for the matter, intake of it.
So here’s OUR diet and fitness plan for the rest of the month.   Our goal is to loss at least 7 kg or more within 2 months and maintaing our weight at 50 kg, for me, and  60 kg for Frederick. I’m afraid that my body had already determined its threshold when it comes to losing weight and its limit is only at 53 kg 🙁  I just wish that I can still go lower than that.   

     Weight check as of today :  ME – 59 kg / HUSBAND – 70 kg
     Waistline measurement as of today : 


1. Multivitamins for women (GNC) – 1 capsule per day
2. Rogin E – 1 capsule per day
3. Folic Acid – 5 mg per day
4. Zinc (50)  – 1 tablet per day
5. Gingko Biloba – 80 mg per day
1. Multivitamins for men (GNC) – 1 capsule per day
2. Rogin E – 1 capsule per day

1. Brisk Walking – at least 30 minutes up to 1 hour at least 3 times a week
2. Swimming – at least 30 minutes up to 1 hour at least 2 times a week

No jogging, running, weight lifting, sit-ups, crunches, or any physically challenging exercises.

1. Cardio (brisk walking, jogging, swimming) – 30 to 1 hour at least 4 times a week
2.  weights – 30 to 1 hour at least 4 times a week
A. Calories consumption per day will be as follows
Starting week :  me – alternating, from  1,400 kcal to 1,600 kcal
                          husband – alternating, from 2,200 kcal to 2,600 kcal
Succeeding weeks :   me – alternating, from 800 kcal to 1,400 kcal
                          husband – alternating, from  2,000 kcal to 2,300 kcal
– do not take more than 1800 (me) / 2600 (husband) kcal on weekends
B. DOs and DONTs
Hydration:  Drink at least 2L of water per day. No Sugary drinks, no artificially sweetened drinks, no alcoholic drinks, no low / reduced fat drinks on any day of the week.  Husband can have low / reduced fat drinks
Food: no junk foods, no low / reduced fat food, no artificially sweetened food on any day of the week . Husband can have low / reduced fat drinks

C. Saturdays and Sundays are feast days  but still, follow the lunch food specified below, however, larger portions are allowed.  Observe calorie intake on Saturdays and Sundays,  it must not go beyond 1,800 kcal for me and 2600 kcal for my husband, for the whole day.
–  Starchy and fatty breakfast consisting of sandwiches are allowed
–  starchy snacks of breads, sweets like cakes, brownies, ice cream are allowed
D.  Daily meal plans
1. Drink any one of these upon rising:
     – Water (500 ml) combined with 2 tbsp of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (or any organic brand) 
– 500 ml of water / green tea water combined with the juice from one lemon
     – juice from one orange combined with water (500 ml combined)
     – juice from 1 grapefruit combined with water (500 ml combined)
Note:  1 hr after drinking the above:  take supplements
2. Breakfast Food (any one of the following)
     – 1-2 apple/s
     – 1-2  banana/s
     – 1-2  slices of hami melon or watermelon
     – 1-2  orange / ponkan / mandarin
     – 200 g. of grapes
     – 70. grams of blueberry (as smoothie), 150 g. of other berries
Note:  – Drink only 100 ml of water
4.  Lunch Meal – largest meal of the day. A combination of the following
     – starchy carbohydrate (1/2 cup of either rice or pasta or sweet potato or mixed veggies)
     – non-starchy carbohydrate (leafy veggies)
     – Protein from animals (100/ 150 g. for any one of these)
          — fish (4 times a week)
          — chicken (2 times a week)
          — pork / beef / mutton(once a week for me and  2 times a week for Frederick – on Wednesday’s and/or Saturdays and/or Sundays only)
Note:  – Drink 500 ml of plain lukewarm water at least 30 minutes before lunch
           – Drink not more than 300 ml of water or soya milk or green tea throughout lunch
           – there should be a 3 hour gap between eating breakfast and lunch
           – Take zinc
5. Afternoon snack (any one of the following)
     – one apple
     – one banana
     – one slice of hami melon or watermelon
     – one orange / ponkan / mandarin
     – 200 g. of grapes
     – nuts
     – yogurt
     – soya milk (400 ml)
Note:  – Drink a total of 500 ml of water or green tea all throughout the afternoon
           – there should be at least a 3 hour gap between eating lunch and snack
6. Supper Meal – small meal. A combination of the following
     – non-starchy carbohydrate (leafy veggies)
     – Protein  (100/ 150 g. for any one of these)
          — fish
          — chicken
          — beans / legume
          — cauliflower / broccoli
          — 300 ml yogurt (greek)
          — egg (1 medium only)
Note:  – Drink not drink more than 300 ml of water or soya milk or green tea throughout supper
           – Drink 200 ml of plain lukewarm water with 2 tbsp of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (or any organic brand) after supper
           – there should be a 3 hour gap between eating the afternoon snack and supper
7. Drink Yakult (1 small bottle) or greek style natural yogurt (150 g) or full-fat milk (200 ml) at least 1 ½ hour after supper
E.  No more eating after number 7 🙂 !

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