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Beef Caldereta

I haven’t cooked any tomato based dishes so I decided that it’s high time to try cooking some Filipino dishes using tomatoes or tomato sauces for a change.  So I went with caldereta.   Why caldereta? Because the Husband drools every time he sees one and often times he tells me that beef or mutton caldereta would be nice for lunch, intimating that I cook caldereta for him. I am not into beef, because my digestive system reacts violently against it, same with mutton.  But, I have give in once in a while to my husband’s requests (he has a lot!) to satisfy his cravings.  It’s not like I’m going to cook beef everyday, right?

Caldereta or Kaldereta, is a tomato based meat stew that is one of those popular classic Filipino comfort dishes with Spanish influence.  I found out that the Spaniards have an almost similar tomato based dish with the same name- Caldereta and they use goat, lamb or beef as main ingredients, with potatoes, carrots, bell pepper, olives, cinnamon stick, etc.  Filipino Cadereta, similar to its Spanish-dish-alike is traditionally cooked using goats meat.  But not all Filipinos are fond of goat due to its strong wild-game taste, so most households prefer to use beef.  Oh, not to mention that in urban areas, goat meats are rare and very expensive.  This is a spicy dish (or not) with beef or goat, tomatoes, and liver.  Some adds cheese to make it even more delicious.  Carrots, bellpeppers, and potatoes are added too but I prefer using sweet potatoes over potatoes since the first is healthier as compared to the latter.  Sweet potatoes are higher in fiber and have lower GI (glycimex index)

I also used mashed chicken liver, because we are trying to avoid processed foods as much as possible, when we can, but you can also use ready-to-use liver spreads.  The amount to use depends on how thick you want your sauce to be, the more mashed liver or liver spread, the thicker the sauce.  Aside from chicken liver, you can also use pork or beef or goat liver, whichever is available.
This is how I cook my beef calderetta 🙂 the Husband said it was delicious and he loves it 🙂 

What really makes me happy everytime I cook is when the Husband appreciates the food I serve him. Just the mere sight of his smile of satisfaction while gorging on the dish I cook with gusto is enough for me. His simple words of “thank you” and “I love you” during or after every meals bring too much delight to my heart 🙂



Beef, cubed – 500 g.
Chicken Liver – 100 to 150 g.
Sweet Potato, sliced into wedges – 2 medium
Carrots, sliced into wedges – 2 medium
Bell Pepper – 1 medium
Ripe Tomatoes – 2 large
Garlic, coarsely chopped – 6 cloves
Onion, diced – 2 medium
Cheddar Cheese – 150 g.
Tomato Paste – 7 tbsp
Ground black pepper
Ground white pepper
Bay leaves – 3 pcs
Red hot chillies, chopped – 3 to 4 pcs (as desired)
Salt  to taste
Beef cubes – 2 pcs
Extra virgin olive oil – 4 tbsp
Water enough to cook the meat until it is tender and soft
AND Olives

I just forgot to add the olives  because I was cooking two viands – this and Sinanglay na TilapiaI will be posting the recipe of the latter later on.

Cooking Procedure:

1.  Heat olive oil in a sauce pan, saute in it the garlic until it is aromatic, then add the red hot chillies and onions.  Stir until the onions become translucent.
2.  Stir in the beef, and pan sear it for 5 minutes. Add the tomatoes and simmer it for at least 2 minutes. Transfer the mixture in a pressure cooker.  Add water and boil it under pressure for 30 minute until the meat are tender and soft to the bite. 
3. Boil Chicken liver for 2 minutes and mash it until it forms a paste.  Set aside.
4. Remove the lid, add more water if needed.  Add in the sweet potatoes, beef cubes, bay leaf, ground black and white pepper, salt, and tomato paste.  Let it simmer. 
5.  When the sweet potatoes are almost cooked, add the carrots, bell pepper, and the chicken liver.  Stir.  Let it simmer until the sauce is almost thick but still runny
6.  Add the grated cheese and let it simmer until the sauce is thick.  Add salt to adjust taste as needeed.  Turn off the fire

Dish out.  Serve with steamed jasmine rice and a glass of ice cold coke zero.   Eat this in moderation specially those who wants to lower down their cholesterol, those with high-blood pressure, and those who wants to reduce weight 🙂

This recipe makes 5-6 servings.  Below is the estimated nutritional values per serving based on the ingredients used:
Calories          :  435 kcal
Total Fat             :  24.59 g
Cholesterol     :  161.56 mg
Saturated Fat      :  7.14 g
Protein            :  36.90 g
Trans Fat            :  0.02 g (++)
Sodium           :  863.30 mg
Dietary Fiber       :  11.14 g
Carbohydrate  :  44.57 g
Sugar                  :  2.96 g

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