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Yuki Yaki and Its DIY Teppanyaki & Ice Cream

Me, my husband, as well as my sister Kristine are patrons of Yuki-yaki. And why not?  It is an affordable buffet restaurant that offers salmon, seafood, pork, beef, and ice cream.  Not only that, it offers an experience of enjoying the food as you cook it yourself.  That’s why when we learned that it is already closed for good, we really felt bad.  For me, it felt like I was robbed off with my favorite fatty fried pork meal and salmon.

We had dined in at Yuki Yaki countless of times, but I never came up with a review when it was still in operation so this is a “tribute” to a nice and cozy buffet restaurant that we were “robbed off”. Of course we understand that it’s management may have a good reason of closing it down.

Food :  Yuki Yaki is an all-you-can eat and Do-it-yourself teppanyaki, steamboat and ice cream, teppanyaki and sashimi buffet.  By do-it-yourself, it means you choose a  raw food and cook it yourself in a cooker placed at the center of your table.  Tables at yuki yaki were each equipped with built-in stoves for both steamboat and teppanyaki or barbecue/grill.  

Grilling area on the dining table

tepanyaki and steamboat experience

For their teppanyaki,  customers are allowed to grill or fry-in-butter their choice of seafoods like mussels, shrimps, bamboo shellsfish, clams, a lot of fish varieties like dory, salmon, tuna, cuttlefish to name a few, and choices of marinated chicken, lamb, beef, and pork.  They also have steamboat for those who wants to boil their noodles, vegetables and seafoods and oh some ready made seafood balls (fish, squid, chicken balls etc.) fish cakes, and other ingredients for Yong tau fu.

And there’s the do-it-yourself ice cream.  There are more than 5 flavours of ice cream to choose from, which you can also mix and match as you wish and they come with many different toppings from candy spinkles, chocolate chips, nuts, etc.

Of course, they also serve sashimi, sushi, and tepanyaki.  And some Asian dishes like the “hot and sweet baby sotong (octopus)”  as I call it, seaweed salads, some vegetable salad, fried samosa, fried popiah, fried spring rolls, fried salmon skin, etc.  

Desserts are served also, with sliced seasonal fruits, some mochi, and yogurt-puddings.  If I remember it right, the last time we ate there, they have cheesecakes and chocolate cakes for dessert.  And of course, they offer overflowing drinks – from coke and other sodas to lemonade and flavoured iced tea and the hot drinks consisting of brewed coffee and do-it-your-own tea J (using tea bags hehehe)

What food do we like at yuki yaki?   Everything most specially the salmon and the marinated meat.  My husband likes their beef and the salmon sashimi, and the baby octopus.  Kristine likes the ice cream most.  Me, I think most of it specially the marinated pork and the salmon of course.  And it is in yuki yaki that we first tasted the bamboo shellfish J

Ambiance :  The place has a modern design with a  Japanese touch because of the wooden tables and chairs, and a combination of dark brown, light brown, and peach paints on its walls, dividers, and tables.  Of course, do not expect that the ambiance is as lucrative and elegant as a fine dining Japanese restaurant, because it is not.  

The ambiance is more of a fast-paced, lively, and noisy dining place.  For someone who want to dine in peace, you’d feel like you are surrounded by a congregation of rowdy group of people.  Specially when you go their at dinner time during weekends, it is almost always fully packed.

Service :  There staff, generally, were friendly and helpful.  They were pleasant to talk to.  Most of the staff are Chinese from China if I’m not mistaken but they do had Filipino staff waiting tables too. A fast-paced buffet restaurant like that, their service is speedy too.  They wipe-out used plates and glasses without us getting their attention to do so.  They also suggest to change the aluminum foil for the tepanyaki when they think we need to 🙂

There are of course the hits and misses for Yuki Yaki which are noticeable specially if you have been at the same place for like more than 6 times.  There are days where the raw food are not fresh specially the salmon head and the bamboo shells.  There are also some days where the repleneshing of food in the chiller are slow, like one time when we have to wait for the chocolate syrup/cream used to make DIY ice cream.  But at a price between $19 – 25, we can’t complain much.

We do miss Yuki Yaki and it’s teppanyaki and it’s DIY icecream.  We’ve been to buffet restaurants offering steamboat at the same price, but none beats yuki yaki just yet.  

Yuki Yaki by the way is part of the suki group of restaurant.  It was located before at Marina Square

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