myFresha-licious: Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

This is another cocktail recipe using tequila.  I am particularly not into cocktails you know as I prefer tequila taking tequila plainly with nothing at all not even lemon nor salt.  Anyway,  this concoction is great to be served during parties 🙂
Tequila – 2 jiggers
Orange juice , freshly squeezed – 1 cup
Grenadine syrup – 1 jigger
Ice cubes
If you do not want to do some squeezing, you can use any available orange juice.
1. Pour some ice on a glass
2. Mix the tequila and the orange juice in a shaker or merely mix and stir well.
3. Pour on the glass with the ice cubes.
4. Tilt the glass with the tequila-orange mixture then slowly pour the grenadine.  Allow it to settle to the bottom of the glass.  Garnish with orange slices as you wish and serve.
The grenadine will slowly rise up through the drink creating gradient of colors similar to that of a sunrise.
Drink moderately 🙂

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