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Jose Cuervo Margarita

Jose Cuervo Margarita… The culprit to my new year hangover. Oh, actually it was not just the margarita, I had a few sip of wine and grand marnier too.  And the new year’s eve fatigue also added up to the hangover, so there goes my new year’s day torture 😀  I promised my husband Frederick that I won’t be drinking anything with alcohol anymore (promise Dear 🙂 )  But there’s no harm to tipple every once in a while right?  what about
For the margarita we concocted during the medya noche, we just followed the recipe on the label of the Jose cuervo lime juice for Margarita.  I added 1 part more for my margarita.  I am actually no fun of cocktail drinks.  I like “on the rocks” better but I am avoiding alcohol as much as  possible.
Thanks to Marco and Airene for this cocktail drink

Jose Cuervo Tequila – 1 to 2 parts
Jose Cuervo Lime Juice (or any other lime juices) – 3 parts
Sea Salt

Lime or lemon, sliced
Ice cubes
1. Drizzle the rim of a cocktail glass with lime juice then dip it in salt.  
2. If you have a cocktail shaker or any container with tight cover, use it, and place all the ingredients inside, shake well. Pour into the glass, and serve.
Otherwise, just mix all of the ingredients in your glass, stir it with a spoon or any stirrer available then drink
PS:  no nutritional values are available for this at the moment.  We will post it later on may be.

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Sharon Rose (06January2012)

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