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Hawaiian Pizza II – Thin Crust

I was sick last Wednesday but since I was craving for a crunchy thin crust pizza,  I made one for supper.  I used the crunchy thin pizza crust which I fermented for 7 hours (click this  for the recipe) then I let Frederick decide as to what toppings to put because I ran out of ideas.  He said “PINEAPPLES”, as always, what more do I expect (sigh). 

So I went to the kitchen and forage for ingredients I can use.  I threw away the remaining mozzarella, coz it’s already spoiled.  I was left with just the quickmelt cheese and blue cheese.  We still have a whole pack of frozen prawns, chicken, pork bellies, ground beef and pork, and some fake crabsticks.  I am not sure why I mentioned those things here since I didn’t use them.   I was just actually mentally recalling the ingredients I used for the toppings coz I didn’t bring my black book with me as I draft this entry (memory gap)

Oh, there, I used about 3 slices of pineapple and 4 slices of pork hams which were leftovers from New year’s day.  I didn’t put onions because I’m not in the mood for onions.

I love this pizza.  Frederick loves it too, he said it’s delicious.  The  toppings and the crust are delicious.  The crust, though it almost got burned, is crunchy and flavourful.  Airene said it’s “masarap” (delicious).  I will be baking pizza using this pizza dough recipe again next time.   Hhhmmm I will try to come up with a paper-like pizza crust some other time when I am in the mood to develop new pizza dough recipe.
Now, here’s the recipe.


Crunchy Thin Pizza Crust – 1 piece (click Crunchy Thin Pizza Crust for the recipe)
Pizza Sauce:
Tomato Catsup (del monte) – 3 tbsp
Granulated Sugar – 2 tsp
Hot Water – 2 tbsp
Pineapple (canned), sliced into small pieces – 3 round slices
Pork Ham, sliced into small pieces – 4 slices
Quickmelt cheese, shredded – 150 g.
* for the toppings, do not hesitate to experiment and do not skimp on your ingredients specially on your toppings.  Just use anything you want and enjoy it.  Put as many as you want BUT do not over do it.  Do not put a lot of toppings in such a way that they are overflowing out of the crust.   You can fill in all the spaces on the top of the pizza crust (after you put the cheese) but try not to put any thing on top of the toppings unless it is a cheese or anything that melts.  Too much toppings would cause uncooked crust (if the pizza dough was not par baked) or the toppings might be cooked unevenly.   It will also be messy to eat the pizza.  Expect some of the toppings spilling out when you bite your slice of pizza.  Nonetheless, if you still insist, then go ahead 🙂 top your pizza all you can 🙂

Cooking procedure:
1. Prepare and cook the pizza crust as per instruction
2. Mix together the ingredients for the pizza sauce and let it cool. Spread the pizza sauce on top of the par-baked pizza crust.
3.  Top with the shredded cheese, then the sliced pineapples and ham.
4.  Bake for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.  Make sure that you do not burn the crust.
Serve with Tabasco sauce and a cold nestea-calamansi iced tea.

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