myFresha-licious: How to Cook A Crispy Fried Tilapia

How to Cook A Crispy Fried Tilapia

This is my secret way, which I am now sharing with you, of frying a crunchy-licious tilapia. This is how my husband Frederick wants his fried tilapia to be :  with a crispy and crunchy crust and a moist and juicy meat . Served with  padas (salty fermented small fish) with chopped onions and a squeeze of fresh calamansi or lime or lemon and he’ll finish off all the steamed rice in the rice cooker 🙂

Try it yourself 


Tilapia, sliced into 3 parts – 1 whole
Sea Salt
Potatoa starch or cornstarch
Frying oil
Cooking Procedure:
1. Clean the fish:  remove scales and innards.  Cut into 3 parts.
2.  Pat dry then rub salt on the surface of the cut fish.
3.  Coat the fish thinly with the starch.  Shake excess starches.
4.  Heat oil in a frying pan, you must see bubbles in it.  Amount of oil should be enough to cover at least half of the fish.  
5.  Fry fish until it is golden brown and crispy.
Serve with padas mixed with calamansi juice and boiled kai lan and sliced tomato on the side.

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