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Braised Pork Belly – Chinese Inspired

I love pork specially the fatty parts like pork bellies that’s why I’ve been digging around for new recipes we can try.  We were doing our regular grocery shopping at NTUC when we chance upon this recipe.  I forgot to check the name of the author of the recipe book since we were on a hurry.  
This recipe is my own take of the one we saw at NTUC.  I didn’t use cinnamon stick, instead I used cinnamon powder and I reduce the use of star anise, soy sauces and sugar by half.  If I didn’t do that, I think this dish won’t be acceptable for our Pinoy palate 🙂
For those who have high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, diabetic, or those who are on special diets, please don’t try this dish as it is high in calorie, cholesterol, sodium, and fats. 
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Pork Belly, sliced into 2.5” x 2.5” x 0.5” – 500 g.
Dark Soy Sauce – 1 tbsp
Light Soy Sauce –  4 tbsp
Sugar – 4 tsp
Garlic, minced – 5 cloves
Ginger – ¼ of a thumbsize
Cinnamon Powder – ½ tsp
Star Anise – 2 small pieces
Salt and pepper to taste
Water – enough to cook the pork until it is fork tender
Cooking oil for frying – 5 tbsp
Cooking Procedure:
1.    In a pressure cooker, combine all the ingredients together except for the water and let pork marinade in it for at least an hour.
2.    Heat oil and pan fry pork in it until it turned brown
3.    Transfer fried pork into the pressure cooker (with the marinade) along with some of the oil used to fry it
4.    Add the water and pressure cook it for at least 5 minutes (start timing from the moment the pressure cooker whistles) 
5.    Remove from pressure cooker and continue to simmer it until all the liquids evaporated leaving only the oil
Serve with steaming white rice and some blanched or steamed cruciferous vegetables like bok choy or cabbage .
Good for 5 servings. Here’s the estimated Nutritional values per  sering based on the ingredients used. 
Calories :  570.58 kcal
Total Fat:  55.81 g.
Cholesterol   :  72 mg.
Saturated fat   :  19.73 g.
Protein   :  10.34 g
Trans Fat   :  0 g.
Sodium :  1,052   g.
Dietary fiber   :  0 g.
Carbohydrate   :  5.8 g.
Sugar   :  4.8 g.

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