myFresha-licious: We are a Newbie

We are a Newbie

Hi everyone.  We are a newbie to this blogsite.  Just created this today as recommended by my cousin (Ging Rogers) since the two blogs we had at wordpress ( & ) had been disabled/suspended due to policy violation issues. The administrators of wordpress might have  thought that the link/s placed in one of our posts is meant to advertise.  We don’t even have the slightest idea which link was that.  We only put links to websites in our post to give credit to these sites specially when we have utilized the info or quoted something from these websites.  We don’t want to be sued for plagiarism.

So now, we’re mourning the lost of all the posts we’ve made since 2009.  All 300 +++ of them. The recipes and the stories that goes with them are completely out of our reach.  We hope to recover them soon.  And if we do we’re going to post them all here permanently.

Anyway, cheers to everyone.  Let’s get started.
Welcome to us 🙂

-fresha-licious (09December2011)