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Tuna Sisig

Last Saturday was our mini-christmas party. Me, Airene, Jean, and Reggy were present.  They are my ComRes friends who happen to be working here in Singapore too.  We really had fun.  I personally had a great time.  I enjoyed the food at makan sutra plus the view outside of the esplanade theater, those floating white baloons or styrofoam balls, or whatever they are, by the  Singapore river are definitely an eyesore. I just can’t keep my mind off those environmental hazard white thingy.  I like the light and water show at marina bay sands, I’ll take my husband there for viewing.  Thanks to Reggy who served as our tour guide despite being in Singapore for just 6 months 🙂  Looking forward to another get-together one of these days guys.  Hey, I didn’t know that laughter can cause migraine 😀

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Jean (Idia) who has been reading my blog asked me if the recipes we have been posting in our blog are really as delicious as they seem to look on pictures.  I answered her yes and I am going to say it again here, YES Jean they do 🙂

We don’t just post delicious recipes in our blog though, we also do post recipes that are unsuccessful, either they taste bad or they may taste good but we weren’t able to come up with the result we wanted initially.  This is our personal record of our kitchen adventures and misadventures so we have to. This blog reflects our honest to goodness opinion and perception on what we cook and do as well as it also presents the reactions/comments, good or bad, of our taste testers 🙂 We are really fortunate to have friends who love to eat and cook just like us who are always willing to give their two cents about our recipes 🙂

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For now, we are posting our tuna sisig which I cooked last Thursday, I think, for supper.  I love sisig, specially pork sisig.  Frederick loves pork sisig too, but he doesn’t want his pork sisig to be too fatty and oily as much as possible.  What can you expect with pork sisig, right?   So when I cooked him tuna sisig – he fell in love with it 🙂 Actually, I never thought I’m going to like this dish because my concept of sisig is fatty pork, but I did, indeed.  This tuna sisig tasted so good.   It’s meat is succulent and flavorful, giving the dish a nice mouth feel and rich taste .  It’s simply delicious and a lot healthier compared to pork sisig.

Oh by the way, Jean, you can try this recipe at home 🙂 Our tuna sisig is easy to prepare and cook.  And the most important thing is that it is deliciously healthy 🙂  It’s less than 250 calories per serving, and it is high in protein, and healthy fats.


Tuna slices – 300 to 400 g.
Garlic, crushed and chopped – 10 large cloves
Fried Shallots – 2 tbsp
Onion, chopped – 1 large bulb
Red, hot chili pepper, chopped – 2 pcs or as desired
Pepper, ground
Black Pepper, ground
Salt – 1 tsp
Juice from 3 calamansi
Vegetable oil- 1 tbsp
Soy Sauce – 5 tbsp
Ground Black Pepper
Cooking Procedure:
1. Soak the tuna in  the marinade mixture. Transfer it in a zip locked plastic bag and marinade it for at least over-night.  I marinated our for more than 2 days.
2.  Before cooking the tuna, drain and pat it dry.  
3.  Heat oil on a pan-griller and pan-grill tuna until it turns brown on each side.  Sprinkle tuna with ground peppers while grilling.

4.  Flake the grilled tuna and set aside. Remove any fish bones

5. In the same pan using the remaining oil from grilling the tuna, sauté the chili and garlic until the latter  is roasted.   Add the salt, then the fried shallots and flaked tuna, and stir.  

6.Season with the calamansi juice, and ground peppers.
Serve with a home-made iced-calamansi-tea drink and enjoy.
Makes 3 servings.  Here’s the estimated Nutritional values per serving based on the ingredients used. 

Calories :  210.20 kcal
Total Fat:   6.03 g.
Cholesterol :  67.24 mg.
Saturated fat :  1.07 g.
Protein :  36.76 g
Trans fat  :  0 g.
Sodium : 1,338.90 g.
Dietary fiber :  0.33 g.
Carbohydrate : 1.80 g.
Sugar  : 0 g.

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